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Alternate DoT Weaving rotation

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Edit:  This was resolved on MMO-Champion, it turns out the Icy-Veins guide has the wrong DoT Weaving rotation, which in turn makes my alternate suggestion also bunk.  A mod can close this if they like.  I can't find the delete button.


First off, I apologize if this rotation has been covered previously.  I didn't see anything on it, but I could've missed it.  Mods can feel free to lock this if it's already covered elsewhere, and I'll try to be better about searching.


A fellow SPriest was talking about waiting til 5 Orbs to apply DoTs, rather than 4. I was curious as to how that would work. I started goofing around with it, and came up with this and want to know why it's better/worse from people with better maths than me:

Default DoT Weaving:
1. Mind Blast (4 Orbs)
2. Mind Spike
3. Shadow Word: Pain
4. Vampiric Touch
5. Mind Blast (5 Orbs)
6. Devouring Plague (2 Orbs)
7. Insanity (2 GCDs)
8. Mind Blast (3 Orbs)
9. Devouring Plague (0 Orbs)
10. Insanity (2 GCDs)
11. Mind Blast (1 Orb)
12. Resume regular CoP

Alternate DoT Weaving:
1. Mind Blast (5 Orbs)
2. Shadow Word: Pain
3. Vampiric Touch
4. Devouring Plague (2 Orbs)
5. Mind Blast (3 Orbs)
6. Insanity (2 GCDs)
7. Devouring Plague (0 Orbs)
8. Mind Blast (1 Orb)
9. Insanity (2 GCDs)
10. Insanity (1 GCD)
11. Mind Blast (2 Orbs)
12. Resume regular CoP


Now the one thing that has always confused me is when it says Insanity (2 GCDs). Some people in videos I watch do two FULL channels of Insanity. One full channel of Insanity is equal to 2 GCDs though. So doing two full channels of Insanity would actually be... four? Also, if you do the standard rotation and you Mind Blast > Devouring Plague > Insanity then you only have time for one full Insanity before Mind Blast comes back off of CD anyway? Delaying Mind Blast for most reasons is a DPS loss. The SPriest who channels extra Insanity and delays his Mind Blasts will be out DPSing the SPriest that doesn't in the beginning, but over time those extra Mind Blasts you're missing out on add up. For every second full Insanity you cast, you delay Mind Blast by 2 GCDs. So if you do that twice in the typical DoT Weaving rotation, you end up delaying your Mind Blast + 3 Filler in exchange for extra Insanity time. Insanity does more damage than Mind Blast + Filler, but Mind Blast also gives you 1/3rd of a Devouring Plague. It doesn't pay off right this second, but it pays off later. The only time I've ever delayed Mind Blast for extra Insanity was when there was some sort of bonus damage (Ko'ragh's Vulnerability) or if the boss was going to die before I could build up the 3 Orbs to sneak another Devouring Plague in. Is that wrong? Is there a better way to handle that?

I'm curious cause I want to make the most of this. If the information I stated was incorrect, please correct it. I don't care about being right on the internet or flailing around e-peen knowledge. I just hope to come out of this thread knowing the right info, regardless of what I knew or thought I knew when I came in. I've tried to compare these two alternate rotations as best as I can, and the only thing I can come up with that's different about them is that I'm trading a single Mind Spike in exchange for an additional GCD worth of Insanity instead (Trading #2 from the first rotation for #10 of the second rotation). But even that could be wrong, based on the other spells being casting leading up to the 4/5 Orbs that may I am or am not factoring in properly.

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