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Tips for a couple boomkins (with logs)

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Hi guys,


One of my boomkin raiders has been playing the class for alot of years but is struggling with the changes to his class. He is needing some tips to give him back the confidence he used to have. 


Fryg is the long playing druid 

Beefeater has rerolled to Druid/boomkin in wod.


Any hints and tips you guys would have would be gratefully received.






Thanks for your time and help.

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unfortunately Fryg has loged out as Restro so I cant see his Owl-items

Beefeatér has loged out with Pvp...same here


while looking at the Butchers HC logfiles I did notice:

- your guild should use Bloodlust at pull not at 30%. => More overall DPS

- Fryg Sunfire Dot uptime 87%. Must be 100% at Butcher (and close to 100% in general)

- Fryg hasnt used pre-potion and another one at BL/Incarnation/Celestial All.

- Fryg hasnt got any Weapon enchant proc. => entchant at least the cheap bleeding entchant

- I'd go with Incarnation, not with SotF

- Beefeatér only used 1 Potion, 1 Incarnation, 1 CA at pull...at BL he did not use them

- both seem to have a good usage of SS procs


for Twins:

- General: Use Starfall!! the whole time. Only Starsurge if you about to get 3 stacks of SS before wasting a SS proc

- Also BL at pull...wasting so much DPS

- Fryg: Please use Incarnation or Balance of Power and use CA at pull not at 2:30

- Fryg: No potions again and no weapon entchant

- Beefeatér: Same as butcher, only 1 Potion, 1 Incarnation, 1 CA at pull...at BL he did not use them


for Brackenspore cant say much as the already mentioned. In my opinion Moonkins should Flamethrow


for Tectus:
As soon Tectus dies, Starfall is and will be your favorite spell! Use SS procs for it not for Empowerments


=>> So basicly your two Moonkin mates should just optimize the Basics and they will certainly do more DPS no mather what itemlevel they got. Use Potions, use weapon entchant, use BL at pull for twins and butcher, not only use the Inc/CA once, keep Starfall up when having 2 or more targets and everything else above mentioned.

Good Luck and have fun

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