Am i doing something wrong?

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I tend to do about the same damage as the other warrior on most fights, but mythic butcher was odd, couldn't hang with him as Arms or fury.  Yes he has a higher ilvl than me and that is the only thing i am really coming up with to be the problem.






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Your armory has your Arms weapon equipped, what fury weapons do you have? As you mentioned, Carfac is a good 10 ilvls above you with a heroic warforged/heroic weapon.


At work so just looking at your 4 minute fights, I only see you falling behind in certain areas. Main things to look at are your talents, enrage uptime, consumables and rotation.


Talents: Change dragon roar to thunder bolt, you can still macro it with bloodbath on CD while getting a 2nd one in during the cd.


Enrage uptime: Falls below 80% and also goes up to 87% on pull 20(Other warrior has a higher uptime on every pull besides this one). As you know, we can only manage it with a 30 second cooldown if it doesn't get a BT proc.


Consumable: BUY the Strength Augmentation even if its a minor buff, buy the stacks on the AH or farm LFR.


Rotation: Maybe another warrior can weigh in and check.


I am attempting Butcher again tonight, i'll see if I can find anything else. I didn't take a look at the fights with Arms, so if you needed that analyzed maybe someone can take a look.









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I did some looking also after i posted.  I didn't look very deep on my first go, i think i was still kinda dumbfounded.  Uptime on procs and stuff like that is differs comparing the two of us.  But in the end i think once i get more comfortable and more play time as fury things will fall into place. 


i have the mace off of Ko'ragh (heroic) for my second fury weapon.  


Fury is just off for me, my RNG is terrible and it has been ever since i made the switch over to warrior.  But i am sure there are things i am doing wrong.  I have no where near the play time as fury as arms, so that doesn't give me much to go by in terms of knowing what needs to be fixed.


Mainly wanting to know if my arms parse is low because of human error, or is about where it should be based on gear.

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