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Help with playstyle Brackenspore Mythic

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Hey guys!

My guild is currently working on Brackenspore Mythic where another hunter and myself are the clearing moss. We have been watching this youtube video (

) where a guy accumulates 30 stacks, but when we are doing it ourselves we rarely get over 15 stacks and usually hang around 10.


So if anyone here have mastered this and could give some pointers I have following questions:

1. What specc would you consider best for this job? The MM planned burst+ stacks or continous DoTs with SV.


2. How should we use the flamethrower in order to accumulate 20+ stacks? Any advice?


3. Do you wait with moving close to healers on infesting spores by removing the first 5-6 stacks with feign death while clearing?




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1) MM but SV ain't too shabby.


2) All the time, coordinate so that you don't steal each others' spots. Only one guy can really push big dick with the flamethrower as there is not enough moss for everyone to do it.


3) Yeah.

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