Combat DPS lacking, any tips?

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I recently nabbed myself some great Combat weapons from Normal Highmaul, so I decided to go with Combat spec since I loved it back in WotLK and I'm a spammy player at heart.


I recently ran Heroic Highmaul with my guild after gemming/enchanting, but my DPS was lacking, even on fights like Butcher and Brackenspore. Not cool, I feel I'm missing something here and the rotation seems is easy enough.



Ambush > RvS > SnD > 5pt Evis > blah blah blah


I never let either run out and wait till the last 7 seconds to refresh. I pop Vanish/Ambush as often as I can and use Prep to score 2 in a row if possible.


Anything else I can be doing to improve DPS? I was topping meters as Assassination, though at my gear level I feel I should be doing the same with Combat.



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Combat heavily suffers from a lack of haste given average item levels when you start into heroic. Do you have any logs from running combat to post? It's hard to guess what the problem might be without that. 


Also keep in mind that for single target fights, such as butcher, you'd be hard pressed to have combat top assassination. 

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