DPS Significantly Different on Butcher LFR vs Heroic

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I am asking for a friend who is playing an Arms Warrior.  He's around 650 iLevel and was getting quite frustrated with his performance on Heroic Butcher Tuesday night.


In heroic, he was pulling about 16k DPS throughout the fight and we were typically getting Butcher down to about 4%, so he was getting plenty of Execute opportunities.  This was also with flasks, pre-pots, augment stones, etc.  He was also not required to move out of the melee group, so he was just standing still DPS-ing the entire time.


Then on LFR last night, he had the same setup, but didn't use any pots (just the +200 attribute item).  He was pulling 20-21k DPS over the course of the fight.


We were both at a loss as to why the significant difference.  Is there some mechanic in LFR that makes the bosses take more damage?



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I think the "hidden-factor" you are looking for is the boss health on LRF.

At the beginning your dps will always top 3x 4x your average DPS due to loads of external factors aka: heroism/prepot/trinket procs...  Due to the low health of the boss, the dps meters don't have time to dip so low. Correct me if i'm wrong.

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