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Nosgoth Open Beta

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Square Enix and Psyonix launched the Open Beta of Nosgoth, a F2P team-based brawler pitting a team of Humans against a team of Vampires, yesterday (Jan 21, 2015). Each team plays one round as each faction, with the Humans trying to wear the Vampires down at range using weaponry, healing, and traps/devices scattered across the map.


Vampires specialize in melee attacks and the speed and agility required to close the gaps and use these deadly abilities. Their mobility, including the capacity to scale buildings and set up ambushes, makes them lethal if not seen coming. Vampires can also recover health by feeding on the corpses of their slain foes.


If you've played games like Left 4 Dead or enjoyed the old 1990's Legacy of Kain series, this looks like it will be a great hat-tip to that kind of gameplay and story. Square Enix does a great job of their games, and the all-gameplay footage preview sells that for me. That, and all of the crazy crossbows and explosions.


The developers posted a short video, built using in-game footage in tandem with their initial testing community, that shows off some very cool highlights:



Check out their official website to learn more or register for an account:


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