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Hunter DPS comparison (need help)

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Hey guys 


I need your help again. I've gotten better at my rotations now, better dot uptime, better SS, still allot of flaws, but more statisfied then a while ago.


Here is a log of Guild run HC imp kill


There is a hunter in my guild (Rsol) That now has the same Ilevel as me and has 2 % less MS then i have. He is also using LW and ToTH while i am using FS ToTH


We are close in DPS but eventualy he always outnumbers me and i dont know why

.I can pull of more casts of certain spells, have a better SS uptime, but he still beats me. 


I know im losing dps from human errors, miscommunication of handeling Debuf (other hunter wasnt forcussed and tired), but still


Anyways here is the log, i'd apreciate your input 



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Hmm i forgot that you can compare. It does seem that his abillities hit harder yes.

Is there anything that i could improve in my rotation or am i doing fine? Is 23-24 k the dps i should be doing at my ilevel?

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