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Elemental Questions

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Questions for elemental shaman DPS

I usually run with Elemental Mastery/ Unleashed Fury / Elemental Fusion for my single target DPS.  However my numbers are suffering on multi-target fights (tectus and maybe brackenspore) movement heavy fights (mythic kargath (since I am in the crowds) and imp)  as well as on movement and multi-target (twins).  Was wondering in what ways I should be switching up my talents for these encounters, the only one I know for sure is glyph chain lightning and use liquid magma for mythic Kargath,

Related question on a fight like brackenspore should I be trying to do earthquakes when big adds are up but otherwise stick to normal rotation or should I try something else?

Edit:  In two target cleave situations should filler be switched to CL?  


Edit 2: added logs, could really use some help in fixing m poor performance for mythic brackenspore 


Thank you for all the help

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Hi Vaerlyn, I see you've not had any responses to this thread. I'm sorry about that, and I'll do what I can to give you a response even though I don't main Resto. :-)


For M Kargath, I'd advise you only to Glyph CL when you're sent up to the top. If you're in the main arena, I wouldn't bother.


I think if that you're in a situation where your raid success depends on cleaving things down, then changing to CL filler is appropriate. In the case where you're just trying to maximize overall DPS I'm not so sure.


I've heard from several people that Liquid Magma is marginally better DPS for single target these days. Give it a try :)

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