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Looking to improve 2H Frost

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Recieved the chest and legs since these logs. I follow the WeakAuras posted by Storm on this site. I open with Army about 6 secs before the pull and then go from there. I am also one of the people that goes up into the stands during chain pull. 


Thank you in advance for any help to help me improve.

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Obliterate: crit 34% - this means you're not using your KM procs enough and spamming Obliterate way to much, this should be 50%+ so try and save up runes for when KM procs and use it on Obliterate.

HB: Is above your Frost Strike - Im guessing you use this on the crowd so thats fine I guess.

Haste: The soft cap I think is 1000, you are at 1182 so I would dump some haste and get MS instead. but wait for someone else to confirm that.


Apart from that its kinda hard to analyze a log from a fight that isnt exactly single target.

Get one from butcher and upload it to warcraftlogs.com

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One thing that may seem minor but helps out a lot in the long run is your disease uptime. Your blood plague uptime is under 80% you want to strive to maximize uptime. Also your defile and soul reaper damage seems really really low. Soul reaper reported only 7 hits/ticks (so really only 3.5 uses?) and your defile damage was really low. Soul reaper and defile should end up being your 1 and 2 source of damage. 


The big deal with frost 2h now is waiting a bit for km procs on obliterate. Doing so leaves you plenty of time to get in more soul reapers and defile. With defile make sure the boss is marinating in it. If it moves out at any point its a big dps loss. Also the initial size of defile is smaller than DnD so you have to aim a little bit better.


The only last one I couldn't see is your tier 1 talent usage. For 2h frost plague leech is highly suggested for the free runes. Use basically whenever outbreak is coming off CD.


Tried to look at your butcher logs but it wouldn't load for me. 

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Most of the people on Icy Veins (including me) would highly prefer warcraftlogs' logs instead of ask mr robot's logs. I can't really see much there. 


First of all your Obliterate crit & should be way higher. You had 34 killing machine procs and 59 Obliterates. Granted you miss a few, but also some without proc become crits randomly you should be at at least 50% crit. 


Try not to spam Obliterate the moment you have the runes, but wait untill either you get a KM proc or your second rune of the same type is about to come off cooldown.


Secondly I think you capped on runic power alot during your kargath fight. More of your DPS should come from frost strikes (without KM procs!) 


Also you shouldn't really use blood boil on the stands. Since the adds live for a short time it's not worth spending runes on applying blood plague and spreading it with blood boil (which you did 4 times). It might only be worth it if you can group them all together and spread your deseases to all of them with a single blood boil. Otherwise you're probably better off with spamming howling blast or even just following your single target rotation.


Your Pillar of Frost uptime could be better, and I can't see if you used any potions (so I'm assuming you didn't).



At your item lvl of 660 you should be aiming for at max 25k on kargath if you stay down, don't know about going up. A DPS of 22-23k should be easily obtainable with Storms rotation helper or a decent rotation on your own.

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