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[Holy] Need help to increase my healing done.

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I feel as if i have been behind a bit compared to other HPallies since the raid came out. I usually raid with a disc priest and resto druid and the ocassional  resto shaman/mistweaver monk.


Here is my armory page. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Metaldan/simple


Here is my more recent log from Tuesday (7/7 Heroic). https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Gmbd9hx3k6gaNf2r


This is a log from today (Mythic Kargath). https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/bTnJ1vjXq9fdF8wg/


I've tried switching between Sacred Shield/Holy Avenger and Eternal Flame/Divine Purpose and have only noticed a slight increase with the Eternal Flame just because of the free Eternal Flame procs.


I've followed the guide on here but I feel like I'm still not performing to my maximum capacity.

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Only Sanctified Wrath for 75lvl talant. Eternal Flame best for Hpal for now, i try using SS but it waste your GCD and not work well with your 2xBeacon(it's not work with it at all), also no mastery for it.


About Margok - you shoud use Avenging Wrath more often, couse you glyph it. Press it when first aberation came, then use Holy Prism + Shock + Holy Light. Later you coud press AW when your raid blow adds or just after two ogres come. You coud press it 8 times per fight, you did only 4.


You cast flash of light only 15 times(its ok), but you glyph it for bonus heal. So.. 2.65% of your heal was with FoL, and you got like 0.26% bonus heal from glyph(asume you heal with HL buffed target) or even less(if you Shock it).


I recommend you glyph of Divinity(+10% mana from LoH) + talant Unbreakable Spirit, so you coud cast LoH twice. Its for Margok, couse fight too long. For fight less than 6-7 min you no need this talant, couse even with lowered cd you probably cast it only once, but you still want use glyph.


You probably think you no need this bonus mana? You need it, couse if you want raise your HPS you need cast HolyRadiance when raid taking HIGH aoe dmg(brakenspore,butcher 30%hp, blowing adds on Margok) + follow it with Shock, couse it will heal aoe too. Also you want use your AW("wings") for this, so your AoE heal will be insane. But be carefull, your mana not limitless, 10-13 casts per figh maximum for you. Also not forget use your Prism twice when you have AW buff.


So your rotation for aoe will be like - AW-HolyPrism-Shock-HolyRadiance(probably with speed buff from crit shock)-HolyLight-Shock(aoe heal from HR)-HolyRadiance-HolyLight-Shock-Prism when ready


ps: funny thing AW without glyph + BloodLust, couse we coud spam shock without CD and it will be almost 100% crit, so we coud follow it with fast HL and spam EF-hots on raid, you shoud try it on butcher, i promise you, it will be fun =) Also you coud rotate AoE heal like Shock-HR-Shock-HR-Shock.

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I feel kinda weird giving you advice since I see you are already doing mythic (I'm only at 2/7 heroic!), but I have been playing a holy paladin for some 8 years and I have tweaked my gear/spec a lot since WoD came out, so there's that.


A few things I noticed:


Your spirit is a bit on the low side. I saw some sites posting how more spirit would have a significant increase in HPS and while I did not believe it at first (it sort of contradicts the guide here), but it turns out they were absolutely right. I have spirit on pretty much every piece of gear it can have that stat on and it has helped me a lot. A key thing about more spirit (coupled with switching your beacons every now and then) is that it will allow you to cast flash of light more often and not run out of mana.

Your main stat right now is haste and you have under 1k crit. You really need to work on getting your crit higher. Crits won't only increase your total healing output because of the added healing, but they also give a nice boost to infusion of light. Don't get me wrong, haste is important, but crit should always be the priority.


As for talents, I would recommend you get unbreakable spirit and sanctified wrath. The burst healing you'll get from Avenging Wrath will be massive (something that is really necessary in most fights).


Check out my armory page and these logs for a recent butcher kill in heroic and koragh kill in normal (I wish I had more difficult fights there :( ). Message me in-game if you have any questions!

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