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Rankings warcraft logs, how are they pulling these numbers

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I was checking warcraft logs rankings for the first time. To see how other hunters do at the same ilevel as me.(between 664 and 668).

And when i see these numbers, im stunned...

When i go look at their abilities, sometimes their uptime on dots isnt that great, but still they do a good amount of damage up to 46k...

When i check some of their armory, they dont have that great stats (example 12 percent multi unbuffed)...

Can anyone explain this?

Here is the link for my server as an example


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Check their logs in detail. Your 46k buddy got to get a fuckton of AoE in the stands: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/K9cBNmavMgjktzp3#fight=14&type=damage-done&source=8


The rest are mostly just fkn horrible.


1) Realm-wide rankings are pretty.. Eh. No single realm has a lot of good players unless there is some insane guild on it. Yours doesn't, really.


2) Few people are doing Mythic with iLvls that low.

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