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Shaman enh questions

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Hello fellow shamans, i'm new here and i have a few questions about Enhancement spec.


First of all i wanted to ask you all about the haste your pets get from you. Do they have to be summoned before you use any kind of haste cooldown or they get a realtime haste from you?

I know that if you bloodlust they have to be summoned, but i mean for example EM.


Second, for low ilvl (641) what would you suggest for general dungeons/raiding, EM or AS? I know you would probably say it depends on the encounter, tectus for example needs echo of elements but i mean from what talent would you benefit most at lower ilvl.


And last question, I don't have any encounter logs but i do a pretty good dps, around 18k when the boss dies in LFR. Would you say that is a good dps for this ilvl?

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If you are looking purely at gear levels, there isn't a clear winner between EM and AS. The core of the talent is the same actually. 30% haste for 20s every 2 minutes works out to be the same as 5% haste all the time. There are so many variables involved here that that only way to know for sure is to sim your character yourself using simcraft. I do expect it to be pretty close though. 


EM would greatly scale in value over AS if you have a trinket proc like Lucky Double Sided Coin that aligns with it. Or if BL is used at the start of the fight. AS is really nice for sustained AOE fights where you don't need burst, and the instant cast chain lightning is great too. 


With regards to your dps, I would tentatively say that 18k is decent. But there are too many missing details for us to confirm this. Is 18k on a single target fight? What's the fight length? If the raid kills butcher in 2.5 minutes, then enhancement would look really good on the meters because of the huge burst. If the fight went on to 5 minutes, the dps would drop significantly. Is this 18k on tectus? If so, 18k isn't good at all because you get to AOE so many adds with fire nova. I would think 25K would be easily achieveable here. So, ultimately, we are here to help, and we want to help. But please give us more details to guide you along. 

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