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Returning Rogue with a few questions

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I haven't played since the end of Cata. My rogue is now 90.


What spec is best for PVE dps and can someone link me to a nice rotation or two?


Much thanks!!!

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For rotations, check out the guides here on Icy Veins, and also the guides over at Ravenholdt.net


As for which spec is best...


If you can play them all to their maximum potential, then subtlety will perform the best on Kargath, The Butcher, and Koragh in Highmaul. I haven't see anything about Blackrock Foundry, so I don't know how the fights are there.


Basically, subtlety is strong on pure singe-target fights, where you have a lot of uptime and little movement. Margok is mostly a single-target fight (a bit of switching during a couple of phases, and a bit of AoE during one part) and it doesn't do as well as combat.


Combat performs very well on multi-target fights. Ideally where there are 3+ targets in close proximity for a long period. They aren't very good at single target. And with only 1-2 adds, especially if they're going to die quickly, they don't do as well as assassination.


Assassination is fairly average in most situations. It's a competitive single-target spec, as long as there isn't too much downtime where energy regen is going to waste, and performs very well with 1-2 adds. Cycling a few targets, maintaining ruptures means lots of energy regen, which makes the spec faster than usual. On bosses with shared health pools, like Twin Ogron, or Fallen Protectors in SoO, it's strong. It does well with occasional adds, where it can use 5-CP ruptures on dying adds to refund energy, and where it can make use of dispatch more frequently.


In order to do maximum DPS in Highmaul, you'll need to dual-spec combat and subtlety. And be able to play subtlety very well.


If you only want one spec, combat will do well in half the fights, and poorly in the other half. But they balance out overall. Assassination won't really stand out much anywhere, but you'll do well enough in most situations.


Things may be very different in Blackrock Foundry, depending on the nature of the fights. If it's heavy on AoE, then combat will be strong. If there are a lot of single-target fights, subtlety will be better. There may be a mixture, or perhaps certain mechanics that could be done by a rogue using a certain spec.


Across the seven fights in Highmaul, the average DPS for each spec is 25.4k for assassination, 24.7k for sub, 25.4k for combat. That's from some data a few days ago, taking the 50th percentile in Heroic Highmaul, between 648-662 ilvl.


Average DPS across all damage classes/specs was 25.0k.


So, unless you're going for cutting edge progression, and you know everyone else is doing the absolute maximum that they can with their class/spec, you can safely choose any spec you like and still be viable, so pick whichever playstyle you enjoy the most.


If you want the most DPS, master combat and subtlety and dual-spec.

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