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Absolutely stumped as to why I'm not doing more damage [Surv]

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In an effort to step up my game, I've recently been practicing on training dummies to get my rotation practiced to perfection. Unfortunately, I'm only pulling a maximum of 16.4k DPS single-target, compared with a simulated maximum of 22k.


My opener is as follows: AMoC/Black Arrow/Explosive Shot/Focusing Shot/Arcane Shot
Thereafter I use arcane shot to dump focus, cast AMoC/Black Arrow/ES as soon as they come off cooldown, and never cast FS above 50 focus. The only time I ever remain focus capped is when LnL procs as I'm casting FS, so that I'm busy casting focus-free ESs right after FS has finished casting.


Log of training dummy:





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never cast FS above 50 focus. 

* 40 focus. You will gain 10 focus naturally thanks to passive regen while casting Focusing Shot, and 50 focus from Focusing Shot itself.


In opener, there's no reason to cast first Focusing Shot before you apply Serpent Sting to the target with an Arcane Shot. 


Dummies aren't good for determining your DPS, since you're missing out on most raid buffs. 

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First off, a target dummy isn't a good representation of what your dps will actually look like in a. Raid setting, as you are missing 6/8 of the relevant buffs (all but AP, whichever one your pet brings, and SP isn't counted). Second, you should use arcane shot before using FS, just to get it up earlier, and you should have the focus to do so. If you could log lfr butcher ad twins (either one will work really), I can do a complete log analysis, and te only reason I'm not doing one for your current one is because I'm on my phone and doing log analysis on mobile is a pain to do.

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