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Trinkets for Holy

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I have 3 trinkets and I don't know which two I should use:

Shards of Nothing normal with socket

Winged Hourglass stage 1

Emblem of Caustic Healing normal warforged


I calculated that Emblem gives me a bit more mana than Hourglass, not much though. I don't really want to upgrade Hourglass, it's kinda expensive on my server.


Thanks for your help

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Mana an issue? Go for Emblem and Hourglass.

Mana not an issue? Go for Emblem and Shards.

Don't need to upgrade Hourglass as stage one is fine until you get a heroic or mythic trinket that is better to replace, infact, I personally am thinking of using stage one(I too can't afford upgrades) until BRF trinkets release. (Then again, I play disc and Highmaul trinkets don't look too appealing :/)

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