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Retribution - DS priority too high?

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Hi, I tend to main holy spec, but I use my OS quite a lot (especially in normal heroic since I'm fully geared in holy from these) which is retribution. I agree with pretty much everything detailed in the guides, but there is one thing I'm really not sure I agree on.


FYI, this applies for standard rotation outside of Avenging Wrath. Every few rotations you get a gap where you're waiting for spells to come off CD (can use it to throw a heal, or just sit there for 1 GCD waiting). But if there's one thing I don't understand, it's that Divine Storm is specified as the top ability to use. Obviously DS comes before Final Verdict (so you don't waste the buff from FV) - that's obvious. But say you've just cast FV (and you have the Empowered DS buff). You have 2 holy power. 1 or more generator ready to be used. Why would you use the DS buff NOW, when you could use your generators instead? Once they're all on CD (assuming less than 5 HP, or even 5HP), your DS acts as a filler in your rotation. You don't lose any DPS since you've got 12 seconds to use it. Inbetween FVs, you still use 3 generators and a DS, but instead of going DS - GEN - GEN - GEN - FV, why not GEN - GEN - GEN - DS - FV? This way, the extra 2 GCDs used for DS and FV means your generators are pretty much ready for you to continue. By delaying the DS and using it as a filler you keep the rotation going longer with less down time waiting for moves to come off CD. It goes without saying that DS should always be used before the buff disappears, and before you use another FV.


I don't know if I'm just being an idiot and missing something really obvious here... but I find myself with much less down time delaying the DS slightly instead of using it RIGHT after FV to help CDs...

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