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Quick Gearing Question for Affliction

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As the title suggests, I have a quick gearing question for Affliction. I'm currently using a Hexweave Robe with 178 Haste + 134 Mastery. It's the ilvl 670 version. But today, out of my Mythic cache, I got the Robes of Arcane Ultimatum (chest off of Imperator). I lose all that Haste + Mastery, but I gain 189 Crit + 181 Multi and 37 Int.


Now, the normal response is to sim it and check it out. On the sims, I find my overall DPS  number increases with the Mythic robe, but all of my DoTs and even Drain Soul do less DPS individually...


I was wondering which robe I should use (this is again, purely for Affliction), and maybe some explanations as to why? I'm aware Haste > Mastery > everything else, but what's the deal with this odd situation in the sims? 


Liquidsteel please help!

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