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BRM Gearing options

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My first 2 (and only) mythic follower missions have resulted in a non bonus armor neck and ring pieces. Should I still use them for my BRM? I keep hearing that bonus armor is extremely important for BRM as it is boosted by the + 50-75% bonus we get for being in ox stance.
My current analysis:
Ring analysis: 21AGI, 31STM, 5CRT, 112 Haste, and Prismatic socket Vs 80 Bonus armor.
Neck analysis: 21AGI, 31STM, 1CRT, and 108 Haste vs 75 Bonus armor.


I don't NEED the haste, I use serenity mostly and it gives me with more than enough purifies that I need at this point so I am not a huge fan of more haste.

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Don't give up bonus armor. Also keep in mind that jewelry slots have less stats allocated to them than say a chestpiece or leggings. Getting increased item level in those slots isnt as much of a stat increase and not worth losing the bonus armor.


Both highmaul dps necks have haste on them which is absolutely awful as well.

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