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Need some help with DPS

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First off, Dire Beast is a no no, TotH will give better results.  Second, Focusing Shot will give you higher dps than LW will, and isn't really all that hard to use.  Outside of these, logs look pretty good.

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honestly, i don't know why so many hunters are still using lone wolf over FS in survival specc. LW's rotation regarding the usage of Barrage is pretty clunky since you need to either pool focus or cast 2-3 CS to be able to use Barrage.


The moment i swapped to FS i instantly got the feeling that my rotation gets really smooth especially when using Barrage on aoe encounters. 

Since SV is quite Focus heavy when you have to use Barrage it's the perfect on command focus boost you need for an on command Barrage.


Just try it out a bit on the target dummies and get used to it, it will definitely benefit your dps.


Also you will have your pet out, which will enable you the usage of either Spirit Bond if you want to use that talent and moreover Glyph of Animal Bond to increase your healing received by 10%.

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Clunky isn't a scientific term and you using it in the context of trying to help someone is just.. Not very helpful. A similarly anecdotal and unscientific poster could say that of course Barrage is EASIER with Lone Wolf since your focus is not as spiky and you can much easier prepare for it. 


Sims would indicate that using Lone Wolf makes not using anything at all the better choice, while still Barraging for multitarget. The sims are pretty sucky at dealing with high-cost abilities like Barrage, though.


If you're finding Barrage usage easy with Focusing Shot, though, chances are you're doing it wrong and focus capping in order to use it, or delaying other stuff. Preventing that while managing your Thrill procs is sort of the Survival finesse. If done right, I can't imagine anyone thinking it easy. Naturally, that's as anecdotal as unscientific as your statement about clunkiness.

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I first started out with LW and ToTH, and i liked it. I tried out FS and i did not like it, but after a few days i got used to it and all felt allot smoother.

I went up from 17- 18k dps to 22-23k dps. That is not only because of the FS talent, but because my rotations felt smoother then cobra shotting.

Every day my timing gets better to cast FS and making sure i can use all my cd's.

I would never go back to LW even on high movement fights.

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