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DPS guidance please

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Id like some help with my logs, I don't believe i'm doing that bad but always nice to get an outside look from other outstanding hunters, Here is my armory and logs for butcher Heroic .

 Any tips or help is welcomed. 


Logs : http://worldoflogs.com/reports/u3wocbactp3oszla/analyze/dd/source/?s=2048&e=2329


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/Boombuster/simple

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First off, http://www.warcraftlogs.com please.  It is MUCH easier to analyze logs in WCL than WoL's horrible UI.  WoL has no way of distinguishing Multistrikes from regular hits, which makes it a pain to see if you are casting the right number of each ability with a cooldown.  I also can not look at how well you did with managing your focus.


  • Glaive Toss never really needs to be used unless you are on the move and ES and TotH AS and ET are not available.


  • No reason to have switched from FS here.
  • The biggest thing to look for is how well did the player manage keeping up SS on both Pol and Phemos (both should be 95% or higher) - WoL has no way to do this unless you are the only SV hunter in your group, which you aren't.


  • You can take FS for every fight in highmaul with a bit of practice.  The only fights where you might even consider taking LW is Tectus (you can get screwed by RNG, or not) and Imp (not really though, all movement is predictable).
  • Drop WoL and never go back.  Very few log analyzers here will even do a log analysis of WoL anymore, and those of us that do, can't do a complete one just because of how WoL presents the log.
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