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Why DW over using a 2H?

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I've always enjoyed the look of a DWing character over a character with a 2H, so I've been trying to go about getting two 1H weapons for my Brewmaster Monk. I've noticed that there seems to be a large stat disparity between two 1H weapons and a single 2H weapons.


Let's take a look at some i695 weapons from Mythic BRF


Head-Lopper Skullscythe - 2H Staff

549.72 DPS, 306 Agi, 459 Stam, 184 Crit, 216 Mastery


Sorka's Chainfist - 1H Fist Weapon

427.12 DPS, 131 Agi, 196 Stam, 72 Haste, 96 Mastery

If you add the two 1Hs together you get 262 Agi, 392 Stam, 144 Haste, 192 Mastery


The 2H has 44 more Agi, 67 more Stam, and 64 more combined Secondary Stats. I'm not sure if DWing just has higher base DPS that these stats are trying to accomodate for, but it doesn't seem like losing these stats is worth it for tanking. I'm pretty new to Monk, so there's a pretty good chance I might be missing something, but could anyone help me out with this? Is it ever worth DWing if you have a 2H of the same ilvl?

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Current Simulations have 2H as a dps increase to a dual wield 1H setup.


The difference in stats also changes based on the swing timer of 1H vs 2H and main hand vs Offhand damage modifiers.



2H  > 1H unless the 1H have a significantly higher ilvl.

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Is this for both WW and BM or just BM?



As it's pure stats we're talking, I'm going to assume the above question was really stupid. :p

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