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Shadowpriest - Need help + advice

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Hi there, 


This is my first post on the icy veins forums. So I have to make a compliment to you guys and all the other players building a good community and an awesome source for class knowledge! wink.png


I am posting this for a friend, because he isn't a well trained english speaker. 

First of all I am sorry for any mistakes since english is not my native language. smile.png



So back to topic! 

I dont play a shadow priest, but I hope you guys can help me and help him, because all I hear when I talk to him and try to help (looking for German guides and trying to help him with addon suggestions like WA or Shadow Dot time) is "QQ, Shadow Priest is underpreforming, QQ, I dont want to raid anymore, QQ"


This is the shadows toon



and there are the most recent reports. 





(I know that we obviously have not enough Physical damage on the second report to actually kill Ko'ragh)



What I can say, when I look at the logs, that he applies PW:S to many times on himself and he doesnt use his troll racial properly, but my WoL knowlegde is not as well as yours. I am sorry for that! 


About rotation: I explained Dot weaving to him and showed him a german guide and referred him to the icy veins guide. 


So what i can tell you about his rotation or what I tried to explain him:


MS till you have your instant MB -> repeat til 4 orbs -> apply dots cast Mind Flay/Insanity, MB for the 5th orb, then devouring plague -> Mind Flay till devouring plague expires -> start from the beginning  (This is exactly the same what another priest I know says, who is dealing a significant amount of more damage. 



I just want to bring the fun of the class you guys love back to him. 


I thank you guys in advance for helping me and your fellow shadow priest player out. 








P.S. If you need more information just let me know. I try to be a good "translator"  


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Well first, I am not the best shadow by any measurement.  You may try 2 changes of  the major glyphs by switching free

action out and add mind blast glyph, and switch out vamp embrace for silence.  Re-read the rotations here in 

Icy as well.  I like Shadow and have fun with it, but I am always learning for sure.  Best of luck!



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Warcraftlogs is far superior to worldoflogs so if you could upload the logs  there it would make analysis much easier.


Butcher Heroic

On the face of the logs you provided there were 38 orb gains from 42 mind blast casts which tells me that he/she is casting mind blast when orbs are full.


PW:S casting on yourself with the reflective shield glyph can provide some "free" damage on a fight where you will be taking damage, ie soak group on butcher.


1 halo in over 4 mins :(


The dotweave rotation you posted is the basics. just be  sure to weave the MB(orb 5) between the 2 insanity casts then cast the 2nd DP.


without warcraftlogs its hard to pipoint how well the dotweave is being executed. If you get it reuploaded then i can have a more detailed look.


Happy Killing.

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First of all thank you for the answer. 


I have installed the warcraftlogs uploader... so I try to give you guys the best information for helping the poor guy. 


He is also so frustrated that he declined all raids and he doesnt want to raid anymore, so I have to try to convince him :( 

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Judging by the look of these logs, he needs to go back and look at the basics of spriest.

5 Devouring Plague casts in 3:32 is pretty poor, he could've gotten a lot more out of that. And to go with that, he only cast Mind Flay: Insanity once!?
This shows to me he has very, very poor knowledge of his rotation and you just need to sit down with him on a target dummy and hit it until he can get his rotation right.
What he should be doing:

>Casting Mind Blast and Mind Spike until he reaches 5 shadow orbs.

> Apply Shadow Word: Pain

>Apply Vampiric Touch

>Use Devouring Plague

>Channel Mind Flay: Insanity for two global cooldowns

> Use Mind Blast
>Use Devouring Plague
>Channel Mind Flay: Insanity for two global cooldowns

> repeat.

and during the mind blast and mind spike phases he should be using Halo on cooldown and shadowfiend on cooldown. His poor performance is really just due to lack of understanding of the shadow priest rotation. If he can work on that and get that down-pat on a target dummy his performance in raids will be a LOT better.

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Thanks for the logs.


This makes it much easier to see the rotation and what is happening during insanity. In the future if you have whoever does the logs turn on advanced combat logging we can also see resources ie mana/shadow orbs and if they were wasted etc.


If the Imperator kill and Koragh wipes are how your priest generally plays then unfortunately they have a lot of work to do.



38 Devouring plague casts and 5 Insanity casts.....


Throughout the whole fight there were 10 shadow word pain casts, of these 10 casts 6 were cast on Imperator in the last phase in a 38 second window. The debuff lasts for 18 seconds so there should have only been 3 maximum.


4 casts of vampiric touch for the whole fight.


Of a theoretical maximum of 124 mind blasts there were 78 cast.


Mind spike was cast far too much and the few SW:P and VT that were applied many were then cancelled by a mind spike. This highlights that there was pretty much no dotweaving going on at all and that its almost like they were running around casting mind spike, Mind blast when they remembered and then Devouring plague.


I would recommend that your priest go down to a training dummy, re read the dotweave rotation and just keep doing it over and over until they can get it right.

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Thank you guys.... 


Now I know a bit more about the shadow priest :) 




Mind blast when they remembered and then Devouring plague.


This is exactly what I was thinking... when he remembered to cast it... 

I tried to explain him Weakauras and what he can do with it... 


i.e. you MB is ready, just let WA show an icon and play a sound... so you can't forget to use the ability... 


But I really thank you for helping me out! 

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Hey.  A few comments from myself. 


Looking over the armory, I see that he has glyph of mind spike, which confuses me, as mind blast is already instant cast due to Clarity of Power.  Please have him replace it with something else, preferably Reflective Shield.  I would also lose the Mind Blast glyph, as I don't think it does any good against raid boss fights, but there's nothing critical to replace it with so whatever. 


Looking just at Imperator fight:


Is he using SW:Pain during the execution phase?  The only thing you should use in execution is Shadow Word: Death, Mind Blast, Devouring Plague, and Insanity.  Using SW:Pain removes the benifit you gain from Clarity of Power, so you shouldn't be using it at all.


What is this "shoot"?!  Was he swinging his wand?!!?


As others have said, he just isn't dotweaving.


I'm confused by his enchantments.  He has crit, haste, and mastery.  Also, his legendary quest ring is missing an enchant.


Sorry, there's just too much wrong with this.  As others have said, he doesn't understand the basics.  Shadow priest isn't an easy class to play, so encourage him to spend time fighting the training dummy.  Even I've spent a good amount of time in front of it trying to get Drye's advanced dotweave to function for me.  I wish you both luck!

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