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Hey guys, I've decided to get some help..

recently I have switched from frost to arcane because we will soon go for Butcher Mythic after we get Tectus down today and I want maximum dps possible on single target

I was trying few times to try Butcher on HC

Simdps says I should do around 38k dps..

I managed to get maximum of 33,5k :(


Here are the logs:


Here is my armory:


Any help appreciated !

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To be honest, 33,5k is fine to a 38k sim DPS.. :) Sim DPS is, if you play without any slight mistakes.

That being said I'm sure someone with a bit more arcane knowledge will have a look at your logs! :)

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absolutely agree with Oltier

somehow, i think haste is more profitable stat after mastery

i think it can improve your damage

also i think for mythic variant of butcher its better to have alter time instead of ice barrier (if you will catch boss's jerks)

and the last one

try to improve dps from crystal

my empiric experience said, that you can do more

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