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Questions on Galaron.

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Hey I just got a question on getting higher deeps on Galaron as an affliction warlock. First let me start off by what I do, maybe I'm doing something wrong from the get go. I apologize it may be hard seeing exactly what I am doing for I have no World of Logs. This is my armory link:


I actually do not have to kite the boss in my current 10m group. We have all buffs available. I pre-pot, use 275 food, Warm Sun flask, and use soul burn before pull so i gain the soul shard back by time combat starts. I start encounter by running into the blue circle under one of the legs. I put CoE as I run in, apply dots with soulburn on all the legs. The group uses Blood Lust and i summon my doomguard (by then all my procs are up usually). I place dots on the body and channel MG on the legs if I don't need to refresh dots. I'm almost always running around trying to stay in the blue circles to DPS the legs. And that's basically what i do whole fight, just keep DoTs up and dps. Am I doing anything wrong here? I usually only pull 50-70k each attempt and the guild is hitting the enrage timer with me being the lowest of the DPS (in every fight in Mogushan Vaults I am top dps I am not usually on the bottom).

Also some questions about the way the legs damage bonus works: Does the blue ring under the leg (the one that gives you the damage buff) ONLY apply to that particular leg you are standing under, or Can you stay in that one ring and gain the damage buff on every leg? Also when a leg dies does that mean the damage buff no longer applies while standing under that leg? A lot of the time I just stay under a leg I already have killed thinking I get the buff while using my range to damage the other legs, maybe I am wrong there.

Please feel free to point out what I'm doing wrong and give me some examples on what you do for your "rotation" and damage numbers.

(also I don't normally post on forums so I apologize if this is to long or w/e may be wrong with it haha)

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Hi Phatdaddy,

I looked at your armory...you appear to be fine. I hope you're comfortable with that 12% hit. Garalon and his legs are all boss targets, so you're looking at a significant 3% miss chance on everything. I don't think that's the problem at the moment for you. Let me fine tune your strategy and clarify a few things about the fight.

When you stand in the blue circle under a leg, you get a 100% damage bonus to THAT leg and that leg alone. This buff does not transfer to the boss or any other legs. As Affliction, you should be focusing on the boss's body and letting cleavers like Combat Rogues and Arms Warriors do double damage by hitting the leg and the body. Your goal, if you are not kiting pheramones, is to do as much damage as possible to one leg and the body. You should be responsible for a leg that melee have issues getting to. For example, if you are kiting clockwise, his front left leg will always be on the outside of the room giving melee very little wiggle room. This would be the ideal leg for you to focus on. When it's dead, you should focus your energies on his body. Also, when the leg dies, you lose your 100% damage buff on that leg because....well, the leg isn't there anymore. When the leg is up, DoT up the body and focus the leg. 50-60k sounds horribly low for your gear level. I can't see your stats without any World of Logs parses. About 4 minutes into my best attempts, I was at 110k DPS by doing the above strategy.

Some tricks that I've noticed in my limited time on boss is using Soulburn:Seed of Corruption on the body at the beginning puts Corruption on all 4 legs. Don't use your shards to put DoTs up on all legs. Just focus your leg and then switch to the body. But it's ok to have Corruption running for bonus Soul Shards =)

Good luck. Garalon comes across to me as the most difficult in terms of mechanics in this raid. The two bosses before it and the 3 after are not complex in their mechanics, only their execution and damage/healing requirements. Keep at it, and eventually you'll get it.

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Thanks a lot for the help! I just started my own world of logs in case this problem persists, however I haven't gotten any more attempts on normal Galaran (switched guilds) I did LFR today and did much much better dps. I think the main problem was i just did not understand the legs. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know you helped and to say thnx :)

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