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Help for a Resto Guildmate

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Hey guys, 


I'm posting on behalf of a friend. She's come to me (the priest), and other healers in the guild asking for help to see if she can do anything more as far as throughput. I don't think she is doing bad, and the meters (for what they're worth) honestly don't show her too far off, so there might not be any problem to speak of. 


But none of us besides her play a Resto Shaman, and I personally don't know anything about it. So most of the time I have to brush her off, as any advice I give would likely be incorrect. But as we approach mythic I just want to know if she is doing anything blatantly wrong that I could tell her about?


So here is some logs of our heroic runs. There are plenty more available if you'd like to look through them, but this should be fine for a start



https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/yvpTL4k1n7fCj3XK. (Heroic Brack-Ogron)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ATqHcpgjKB2RYfPZ (Heroic Kargath - Orgon)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/f4KaqFWn2AtQYMgb# (Normal Imp + H Koragh-Imp)





So thanks in advance, and frankly It might just end up being a pain in the ass healing with a Disc and RDruid.



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Hi, Fekule and welcome to the forum.


Some advices to your friend:


Armory: the best secondaries for resto shaman are Mastery and Haste, not Crit. She should change crit gems and enchants.




1. She should aim to have Earth Shield uptime on tanks close to 100% (had around 65% on Imp)

2. Much more casts of Healing Stream totem. It has to be casted on CD. (14 casts in 10:49 fight - could be 21)

3. Better management of Major CDs - Healing Tide Totem and Ascendance. In 10:49 fight it could be casted at least 3 times each (and even 4) and it would save a lot of mana - I see that she was OOM already in the middle of the fight.

4. I would advice you to assign raid healing CDs - I see that the druid and herself were casting Tranq and HTT in the same time. Druid utilized his cast very nice - only 9% overheal, while the shaman got 64% - it's just a waste of a major CD.


I went through the other fights too.

The major issue that I noticed is that she goes OOM pretty much.

I would definitelly suggest to take Elemental Blast in T6 talents for mana regain and maybe to think about changing one of the trinkets (Rapid Replication) to the crafted one - it has a decent amount of Intellect and very nice Spirit proc.


One more thing I would advice is to learn to play with Cloudburst Totem. It makes a decent healing on most of the fights, expesially with heavy movement (around 7.5% of total healing) with very low overheal and almost zero mana usage. Could definitely prevent spells spamming and improve mana management.

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A couple of things I am seeing.




Enchants should all be mastery (Gift of Mastery). Mastery is a shaman's best friend.   So her cloak and ring should have mastery. It will empower her heals more than crit.

Also,  I recommend the weapon enchant to be Bleeding Hollow (+500 mastery) instead of Shadowmoon.




I see shes using a lot of healing surge. Healing surge is big heal that requires a lot of mana, so it will eat through her mana really quickly. One of her main heals should be HST and Riptide as well as healing wave. I recommend using weak auras to keep track of those cd's.




Here she did a little better, but still her usage of healing surge is pretty often. In this encounter I recommend, again HST and also using riptide and healing wave, as well as chain heal. Also taking up Elemental Blast tier talent to give that extra spirit if shes having mana issues, it gives 1000 spirit at no cost, so it would be good if she adds this to her rotation.


I am pretty terrible at managing HST and CBT so I personally use High Tide b/c it is a passive ability that is very efficient. It empowers Chain Heal to jump to 2 additional  Riptide-affected targets and to no longer lose power after each jump. Excellent in any situation where you make extensive use of Chain Heal, so when you have intense raid damage . Currently , I find it is better than Cloud Burst Totem, and essentially more efficient due to the complexity of having to juggle HST and CBT CDs/usage if you're not used to juggling CDs. Just better overall...b/c in reality every encounter so far has found use for chain healing and riptide should be used pretty much all the time. So every chain heal will be powerful, especialllllllly when used with ascendance which causes restorative mists - all healing done is duplicated and distributed evenly between nearby friendlies.


Hope this helps.

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Hi, Amygdalla.

Could you please use links to Armory and WCLogs instead of pictures? Many people browse forum from mobile phones and it's both internet traffic and a huge screen that you hardly can scroll.


I mean like this: Armory or Logs 


The button for links is located left from the button for pictures.



Thank you very much.

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Also, I recommend the weapon enchant to be Bleeding Hollow (+500 mastery) instead of Shadowmoon.


Sorry, but I wouldn't recommend it in this specific case. Millefeuille has mana issues in most of the fights - it's not a right time for her to change the Spirit enchant, imo.

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my bad about the photos.


I also think her mana issues stem from using too much healing surge.  but yeah it can help leaving the enchant and also lowering the healing surge usage.

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I noticed that she is using the draenic mana potion instead of the channeled draenic mana potion. You get more mana from channeled, so it's better to use this.


I would also recommend tweaking addons to get better Earth Shield and HST uptime. I was having problems with this, so I configured TMW to have a massive ES icon appear near the top of the screen accompanied by a sound effect when my ES isn't active on anyone in the raid. For my HST I have an icon that appears when it's off CD accompanied by a clip from a 2chainz song. That's just the way I roll.


Way too many Healing surge casts. It's a spell that should be only used in emergency situations where someone is going to die if they don't get a heal very soon. On Imp, I only find myself using this during phase 4. Healing Wave is a great mana efficient heal that she isn't using nearly enough. 


I think working on these things will give a big boost to her healing.

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If this helps, I used to heal similarly around her ilvl, which is why I has having so many mana issues. Once I changed it, I am no longer mana starved (granted I got a couple upgrades last and this week which shot up my stats/ilvl).


Here is a comparison in logs between what I was doing at the time and a friend's logs (in here he is Detox and I am Mojofosho). You will see my healing is similar to hers, and the difference his healing does compared to mine. This really helped me see a lot of the things I was doing wrong.


Mojofosho vs. Detox Warcraft Log

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