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Am I ready to heal HM normal?

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So I didn't expect to fall in love with WoW again after 10 years but it happened, I made this character 4 days ago and in a mad dash to get back to raiding I've geared myself super quick in as much pre-raid and LFR gear I could in the little time I've had. 




I know I don't have a lot of info to go off of, but just assume that my mechanical ability is pretty sound. I played a priest throughout vanilla/BC/wrath so I don't have any experience outside the last 4 days on Paladin and I've been raiding for 12+ years. My main priority system is something like this:


Holy shock on CD, Holy Prism on CD, Right now I'm using SS so I'll have SS on both tanks at all times, use 3 HP on light of dawn whenever there is raid damage, spam holy light, beacon on both tanks or whoever's taking consistent damage. I read the icy veins guide thoroughly and I think I have it down pretty well. Obviously my main question is if my gear is enough to get me through normal HM. If not, what do I need to 100% work on replacing/enchanting/etc first? 


On the LFR HM I did lastnight I did pretty well but on the last boss I did run out of mana. I think it was due to using holy radiance too much plus the fact that with my lack of gear I am required to use FoL a little bit for throughput and it's diving my mana pool pretty hard.


Either way, any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!

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In my experience anything over 630 is more than enough for normal, except possibly Imperator (as you said you had mana trouble). Try to reframe from using Radiance as much as possible since at lower gear level you just burn through mana so fast. Also, try to save Holy Prism until it's needed (i.e. don't cast on CD if everyone's full or near full). It's a very powerful aoe heal.

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I killed Imperator first week(raid launch) with 637-640. Raid was like 630-640. So its real to kill last boss with your gear in normal.

At first week i killed like 5 hm with 640-645 gear, and second week i kill last boss with liike 645~ gear. 

All this was HARD, couse any mistake someone did was fatal for raid.


I saw you have some craft-gear, so i assume you have some gold. You coud buy bis trinkets:



But soon BlackrockFoundry, so you probably coud find smth intresting in it(635itmlvl need for lfr).


Also you shoud try chalange-dungeons, you will get 640 itmlvl equip for daily-quest.

Dont forget about garrison missions, sometimes they coud prock for 655/670 or even 685 gear from HM. But you need 100lvl folowers with 645 gear.


I reccomend you take glyph for LoH, so it will give you 10% max mana after cast. With lowered CD from Unbreakable Spirit you coud cast it twice per fight(Glyph of Flash of Light not rly good, couse you not often heal with it).

Eternal Flame better than SS in most situations, i recomend use it. Dont use Light of Dawn, better cast EF.

Sanctified Wrath - musthave, other talants not rly good.

Dont forget Manapotions(~50k mana), Int flask, food.

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