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help with fury dps

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Per Butcher fight:


- Dont use bladestorm on ST encounters -> Bloodbath

- Pick Ravager as your 100lvl talent and always stack it with bloodbath, unless the expected fight duration is ~5min, than you might consider anger management sinc it allows you to fit one more Recklessness

- Make sure you can use Recklessness at least once when boss is sub<20% for Execute phase, seems like you wasted it on some mid 30% on boss

- More Wild Strikes

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My alt is a fury warrior an the things i learned are, on single target fights pick single target talents storm bolt - bloodbath, if you haven't already make a macro that pops recklesness any trinkets and pops a potion (what used to be a one shot macro) very very handy to have. On aoe or cleave fights bladestorm and ravager are far far stronger.


You have a nice amount of crit % but i think your mastery is a little low for your ilvl, my warrior is 659 ilvl an fully buffed i have 30% mastery which gives me 30% increased damaged when enraged. try to get some gear that has crit and mastery on it like on your boots, any increase in mastery will help get your dps up. hope this helps you out an you get an increase in your dps :)

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For the most part you're looking good.

However there are 2 things that do stand out.


One is obviously using bad talents and glyphs for certain fights.

Get in the habit of showing up for raids with a 200 stack of tomes so you can keep changing your talents and glyphs.

For single target (like butcher) use Bloodbath and Ravager instead of bladestorm.

Also use glyphs that are useful for the encounter.

Glyph of Raging Wind is literally useless on butcher so instead try getting something that is useful (like Bull Charge for example).

It's a very small thing but it's something that'll help a bit.


Your second problem is the one I see a lot of warriors do.

Managing your cooldowns is one thing, but in a raid your cooldowns can be stacked with other cooldowns from other people.


On the butcher fight for example you fought for almost 4 minutes.

That means you can use recklessness twice.

Now think logically here... Which spell would you prefer crits for days?

Obviously Execute right?

So ideally you would save that Reck for when you get a chance to spam execute.

Instead of blowing it as soon as you get it keep a hold of it for a little bit.

On butcher specifically Reck would be awesome when you get to 20% and have bloodlust up. (bloodlust = more auto attacks = more chance for Sudden Death procs = more executes-


Same thing goes for Ravager and Bloodbath.

If you know that you only get to use those 2 spells 1 more time in the fight you should also try to use those on a good moment.

So again for this butcher example, once you get to about 30% let's say.

Around that time you get reck, ravager and bloodbath cooldowns back.


But we also know that in a few seconds time the boss will be at 20% and we'll use Reck.

So why not keep bloodbath and ravager for when we blow reck?

More crits = More bloodbath damage.


This is the main problems warriors seem to have and if you can fix this you're well on your way to becoming a fine raider.


Manage your cooldowns and then learn to manage them to align with your raid's cooldowns

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