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Another Fury warrior dps issue

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I am having issues with my dps, with my item lvl(671) i should be doing way higher than i am. Any constructive help would be appreciated. Here are the logs from last nights Heroic run. Toon named Valkri






I also included Armory page

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So, im pretty shitty at reading logs, but regarding your mythic kill:


You used Bladestorm on single target, as fury - why? If you are assigned to the group that bombs the adds, play arms.


Also looking at your armory, your weapons are pretty low.


Considering your very low weapons for you ilvl i think 32k dps isnt that bad, honestly. Have you simmed your character?

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I used bladestorm because i was on adds


Honestly my post was not regarding my mythic kill it was more on all the other heroic kills we have had

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I was just looking at butcher fight for ease of analyse, few issues I noticed.


- You did not used potions. Pre-pot + pot boost your dps quite significiantly especially on short fights like butcher

- You could use Ravager and Bloodbath easly 4 times this fight, you used the just 3 times

- ALWAYS stack Ravager with Bloodbatch

- Your Raging Blow uptime is 90% might signal that you are not using all the RB process and some of them gets overwritten

- I saw some rage wasted meaning you are not spending your rage effectively


Regarding Imperator fight the story is similar:

- 3 casts of Ravager on 11 minute fight is unacceptable. As a hint I always try to use ravager on Imp+Add phase plus most defenetly duing small-add nuke time, if your group is stacking them and killing at once

- Recklessness could be used 1 more time, Dragon Roar could be squized few more times as well


All in all use pots and use your talents more often, and you should pull 15-20% more dps with your gear.

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