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Looking for help with assassination. Feels lower than I should be

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Not sure if my priority is slightly off, or not maximizing my cooldown or what.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Log; https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NMzyjbXG9aPfCgvw/#type=summary

Name: Qarvik
Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/llane/Qarvik/simple


Note: I forgot to have agility pots for the raid so I know I should have had that at some point, but 20-23k dps seems low for my gear.

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You have the Glyph of Disappearance, but you didn't use Vanish at all. I use it practically on CD for a very cheap Mutilate, and I think everyone should.


Rupture uptime looks good, though. There's not really much else to say on that fight. You just stand there, DPS, get knocked back, run back to DPS some more, wait for him to charge and come back, and then repeat...


As long as you're making sure you don't let Rupture drop while he's out of range, you should be good.


Enchanting your rings with the multistrike enchants gives you the biggest boost according to Shadowcraft. Otherwise, use the best food you can, and use flasks and potions. You seem to have Shadow Reflection and Vendetta macro'd already.


Otherwise, just pool some energy before using Envenom, spam whatever you can during Envenom, and try to keep the buff going as much as possible.


To be honest, assassination is about as average as you can get. It pulls ahead slightly on Twin Ogron and Brackenspore, but most of the time, whether it's single-target or AoE, you're likely to do average DPS. If you have better than average players in your group, it'll feel bad. If you have below average players in the group, you'll feel better. 


You might also want to save some bonus rolls for a new dagger. They should help, but probably not by much. 


23k is a little low for 667, but the log shows you have 658 at the time, and 23k for that ilvl is perfectly fine. 

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