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A little Help With my Paladin :)

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Howdy all, I recently made the change from prot paladin, to Lock, now back to Ret Paladin, and I'm just wondering if, Rotation wise if there's anything that could be improved to increase a bit of my DPS and all around be a better meat bucket.

Here's a log from my guild carrying my through Heroics to gear my toon after they asked me to switch: Hoofloose Log



And here's my WoW Armory just in case: Hoofloose




My rotation goes as follows usually

Prepot at 1 Second

Execution Sentence













Repeat until wings is gone




So generally, CS before all, unless HoR is up, only using Exorcism to fill between CD's, and using Wings on Cooldown unless I know there's a phase coming up for burst i.e. Lust soon stuff like that..



So, Any advice for a man just wanting to not be a complete failure to his raid team?

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Not right, you shoud HoR-CS-HoR-FV-HoR-CS-HoR-DS(with procs) or FV. Read guide again, you miss smth there. But main idea - you shoud do as much damage as possible during this time, so you shoud cast max FV and HoR, also you coud cast DS with both FV and DS buff(100% and 50%)


For ogron you shoud look at this paladin


First - Hand of Light, its our mastery, so dont care about it - with better gear it will be at first place. But other spells.. DS for example. Your DoT uptime at phemos only 14%. You didnt switch your jungment targets, but you glyph it.

You cast AW only twice per 5 minute fight, shoud be 3(0-2-4min).


Divine Purpose or Holy Avanger coud be better against Ogrons, not shure but for cleave-fight this talants better as i know.


I think you coud give 16, or maby 20+dps with your gear at Ogrons.

For example this paladin 23k with 630 gear(probably with high mastery+some craft gear, but i think you get idea).


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I'm assuming that "HoR" is supposed to be "HoW"?  o_O


OP, with your spec, do you typically run the Mass Exorcism glyph? 'Cause losing the range on most fights is not worth the splash. You also desperately need better trinkets and a better weapon. Other than that, damage placements/rotational priority looks fine, aside from what Elarion's already mentioned.

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