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So many BRM builds no clear advice.. Please help!

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Hi there,


My main is a BRM panda

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/Silvermoon/Pandam%C3%B3n%C3%ADum/advanced


My question is this, With so many builds being recommended, how do you choose the "correct" one?


I started with a crit/mastery build and found I was Energy starved a LOT so, I have been shifting towards a Haste build trying to improve my situation. My survivability seems much better now but I want to fine-tune the build. Wow-heroes has a stat priority that is built around haste but there doesn't seem to be any stat weights that i can input into, for example, askmrrobot.


Any help and/or advice would be much appreciated.


Many thanks in advance :)

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Agl>BA>haste until cap (this is VERY subjective, personally I aim for 700-800 haste)>option A or option B:


Option A is a "Smoothing" build going Mastery>Vert>Multi>Crit. This will give you over all more the most mitigation from damage and will act to majorly reduce the number and severity of damage spikes, but you will have a lot less active mitigation to work with so you will not be able to actively reduce damage as much. Depending on the fight this might matter a lot or a little. This build is more for basic users that just need to tank and don't know the fight or their kung-fu as well as they might.


Option B is a "control' build going Crit>Multi>Vert>Mastery. The "control" build is more for advanced users. It gives you more control over your active mitigation and if you know a fight well and are good at your kung-fu can be to glory. You will have less over all mitigation, but through correct planning and use of your active mitigation you will take less damage.


This changes a bit with T17 when we get our 2pc and 4pc. Crit even for the control build will be devalued a good bit due to us not needing to rely on crits for our EB stacks, mastery serving as a good source of them. This will raise the value of mastery and haste since we'll need more haste for more PB and mastery for more 4pc procs + good for smoothing damage.


The right build for *you* depends on a lot of factors. Personally go with a general plan of mastery>crit>vert>multi. I do semi-hard core raiding and the mastery is really important for a lot of these mythic fights (200k+ melee swings isn't uncommon at all) as well as I am pre-planning my gear build for BRF.



For weights I can't help you. I don't use AMR. The number value of a weight as a tank has never really mattered very much to me since it is fairly easy to look at items and know if they are good or not once you know the priority. 

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cheers Locky,

I have, for 5 expnsions, got by fine without using AMR or other such character auditors but with so many gear choices available now I'm trying to find out which pieces will give me the optimum secondary stat mix is all. This is the reason I am looking for the stat weights.

Your final recommendation of Mastery>Crit>Versatility>Multi is exactly what I intended to go with for the same reasons you said.

Would a simcraft spreadsheet give me some weights? And if so, can you recommend one?

Thanks again, your reply is concise and informative!

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I have mained a Brewmaster since the beginning of MoP, Locky pretty much hit the nail on the head with his response, i personally started out with a mastery build and switched it over to a crit build just recently and seem to have the same survivability, just with crit if you dont have any AM you are going to be very hard to keep up. 


I use Simulationcraft.org for up to date sims

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I was messing around with building a BiS list and a BiS list generator and needed to run some SimC data.


Fun fact, the sims I ran showed BA>Mastery>Crit>Vert>Haste>Multi as being the best priority for DTPS. 





Also, if I'm reading this right, weights are:


Agl: 2.41

BA: 2.38

Armor: 1.68

Mastery: 1.57

Crit: 1.54

Vers: 1.26

Haste: 0.43

Multi: 0.01


All of this being +/- 0.05 at 25k iterations


I didn't put stam into the sim since, personally, I feel stam is a gimme stat. If you get it, cool. But I've never gone out of my way to get it unless I REALLY need it for something. Stam is a buffer zone to me, it gives healers time to heal me but doesn't directly save me. So I only dip in to stam items/enchants/gems/flasks when I either have less then solid faith in my healers or I'm on a boss that hits like a run away mac truck with a rocket booster strapped on going down hill.


I normally keep whatever stam items drop in my bags in case I need them but I don't use them often.

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You can play a brewmaster efficiently with 0 haste. In stat weights, haste actually offers the smallest survivability increase.

To smooth damage roll a mastery build as mentioned above. In rotations focus on conserving your energy, using tiger palm to fill global cooldowns when you arent energy capped.

Monks are currently one of the best tanks at the moment and both Crit and Mastery builds are efficient.

I would hazard a guess your playstyle is harming you more than your stat prio. If you can link combat logs (warcragtlogs.com) we can help much further

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