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Single target Chi explosion question.

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Dear fellow monks,


Having recently made the transition from serenity to Chi explosion for cleave/stack fights I was surprised that there wasn't more readily available advice on the following question (maybe it's obvious to everyone but me): When using Chi explosion on a single target, is it preferable to have 2 or 4 chi? Of course 3 is optimal, but if you don't have a TP that needs refreshing etc... and you have the option of using 2 or 4, which is better? 


I theorize that as per tooltip: 2 = 3x2.4k + 50% over 6 seconds and 4 = 5x2.4k + 50% over 6 seconds + TEB. Therefore for 4 chi total used you can have 6x2.4k or 5x2.4 + TEB stack. Now if you consider that spamming 2 x 2 chi explosions vs 1 x 4 chi explosions probably wastes DOT duration by refreshing it too early, my gut feeling is that preferring 4 over 2 chi is better overall, yet when watching certain monks PVE videos I see them preferring 2 chi. Now I am inclined to think they probably know what they are doing, but I never like to assume such things or blindly follow the trend without understanding why.


Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

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