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Research on Blizzard

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Hi all,

I am a third year university student completing a dissertation (independent study) around Blizzard Entertainment and all there products. The general goal is compare different qualitative and quantitative research methods to try and understand customers perceptions and feelings towards Blizzard and any products.

Firstly, here is a survey which I would love for as many of you as possible to fill out, it is a basic survey (20 questions) and all questions are multiple choice. It will help me get a basic idea or base emotions/feelings and satisfaction levels people feel about Blizzard. Can I please note that this survey should only be completed by current or past Blizzard gamers (Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo preferably). Please find survey link attached at the end of this thread.

The second part of my study uses a fairly recent researching technique called Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET). This is a technique, developed by Dr. Gerald Zaltman, "that elicits both conscious and especially unconscious thoughts by exploring people's non-literal or metaphoric expressions". Basically, it looks to explore peoples subconscious feelings and emotions through the use of imagery. To conduct this part of my research I am looking for six individuals that I will take through the ZMET process. The ZMET process will be conducted like so:

- You will be required to gather six images that in some way portray your feelings or thoughts about Blizzard or any of there products/games. However, these pictures must in no way relate to Blizzard or any of there products/games. 
- I would then like to Skype call/teamspeak (some form of voice chat) to conduct a short 'interview' discussing the images you have chosen. This will be a very light, open conversation - no intense interrogation! 
- A collage will then be produced dependent on the significance of each picture. 

If anyone would like to take part in this then they must be fluent in English, and be willing to be interviewed and recorded. The interview and recording will not be shared with anyone. 

If this happens to garner a lot of interest, I would prefer a mixture of individuals (male/female/ages) to compromise the six individuals. If you are interested in taking part, please leave a private message, and I will get back to you with my contact details. 

TLR - Uni student need help, please fill out short survey and if really interested message me to take part in a research interview. 

Survey Link




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Some great results so far! Just a little shout out to the females out there. Apparently there are actually lots of you that play online games, and would be great to get some more doing the survey at least (got three so far!) Also still looking for five volunteers for the second more interesting part! smile.png


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I have just filled out your form, I would love to help you out with these images too. 

I will start looking for a coupe right away. 

plz let me know where to post/send them.


Personal info:


23 years old

european (the netherlands)

WoW-player for over 8 years

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