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Fury Weapon Enchants

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I recently got the Heroic Butcher Cleaver and put the Mark of the Thunderlord (crit proc) enchant on it. I was pretty happy with the up-time performance of the enchant (40%~50% on our Mar'gok attempts) and felt like I was doing a little better DPS.


My other weapon is only a 651 so I've only got the Shattered Hand (bleed dot) enchant on it. But I was curious about what sort of increase I might get if I went with Thunderlord on both weapons. Instead of dropping 6k+ gold on the enchant, I loaded my character into SimulationCraft (603-24) and tried swapping the enchants out to see the DPS results. I was a little surprised by the results so I tried a few combinations. Here are my results for a 300sec Patchwerk style fight:


Enchant (MH / OH) ...........................DPS

Thunderlord / ShatteredHand .........26,135

Thunderlord / Thunderlord .............26,211

Thunderlord / Warsong ..................26,069

Thunderlord / BleedingHollow ........26,211

ShatteredHand / ShatteredHand ......25,967

Thunderlord / Frostwolf ..................26,104


Like I said, I was a little surprised (disappointed) with the results. I expected the "expensive" enchants to be substantially better than the much much cheaper Shattered Hand enchant. However, these results show that the maximum difference is an increase of only about 1%, even though the enchants are easily 10-15 times more expensive. Also, the increase is only 0.3% going with Thunderlord/Thunderlord over Thunderlord/ShatteredHand. Now I didn't expect a gigantic DPS boost just with the weapon enchants, but I was expecting something more like 2% or 3% increase given how expensive they are.


I'm curious about what you guys think about these results. Do these results surprise you? Have I done something wrong with my sim analysis? Does SimCraft have something wrong? Is Shattered Hand too good, or are the "expensive" enchants too weak? Or, do you think this is about right?


Do note, that I'm fairly new to using SimCraft. But this is a pretty straightforward thing to analyze, so I don't think I've made any mistakes.


If these results are accurate, then for me, it is not worth it at all to get Thunderlord on both weapons. I might go for it if I knew that I had BiS (for me) in both hands and the next tier wasn't coming out for a while.


Here's my armory link of the profile that I simulated if interested.

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Without going into too much detail or analysis here, I'd say what you've seen seems about right to me. 


Our secondary stats are all closer to eachother than they've ever been, and therefore, weapon enchants will all be closer to eachother in value. Moreover, since the Crit enchant's duration extends on crits, it is essentially weaker when you don't have much crit. Therefore, as your gear increases, you should see a bigger difference between Thunderlord and the others. (You should be able to observe that result by using the T17M premade profile in simC or importing the profile of any top warrior)


Finally, if you simmed only for single target, Shattered Hand's value is probably increased, since it's an RPPM proc and won't proc quite as much on single target.

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