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[US-Akama][H] - <Phenom> Recruiting all that are interested in mythic raiding and heroic raiding (BRF). HM: 7/7 H and 1/7 M

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Hello guys my name is Icemaayne and would like to let you guys know that our guild, Phenom, is a horde guild on the US-Akama servers connected with Mug'Thol and Dragonmaw and is a Pacific Time zone server are trying to recruit players to help us fill some of periodic attendance issues we have filling our raids.


About Phenom:


We are a progression minded mythic raiding guild with top end raiding experience. Formerly known as <Warpath> and a former top US 500 guild on Akama and a premier raiding guild on Akama since Vanilla. 


We are looking for exceptional players to round out our mythic roster and push progression. 


Raid Times:


We currently raid from 1800-2100 (6-9) PST Tues, Wed and Thursday being optional since it is our heroic day until we are completely geared out of heroic BRF then we will have Thursday as a required day for mythic progression.


What we expect from you:


-Show up on time and be ready to raid or if you cannot show up on time least let us know some time in advance (always considerate)

-Bring consumables

-Have knowledge of the fights before hand (i.e. watch youtube videos, read guides etc.)

-Dissect your performance and look for ways to improve yourself

-That you want to be there! We love raiding and we love meeting new people and we love playing with the people around us and we want everyone to enjoy being there!


What to expect from us:


-Knowledgeable, fair, and competent leadership.

-Other progression minded individuals

-A fun atmosphere with lots of fun banter and witty humor but we try to buckle down for boss fights and try to have a fun and constructive learning curve for progression.


Loot and other info


-Loot is done via loot council all officers discuss the best choice for the betterment of the whole guild using a variety of factors (Attendance, Consistency of performance, Role, Stat priorities)

-Feasts are provided[/li]

-Repairs are provided[/li]

-unclaimed BoE's/pattern's/crafting reagents/enchanting mats will be claimed for guild use and/or sold for guild funds to fund repairs.


Contact Us!


If you would like to learn more of have questions feel free to add myself [icemanee#1626] or contact any officer in game listed below:


Droidz [GM]

Pie [Officer]

Moobies [Officer]

Icemayne [Officer]

Octane [Officer]


Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


If you are interested in Phenom or even have questions or comments about anything at all feel free to send me a btag request. It's Icemanee#1626.  I am on a lot and will always try to get back to you as soon as possible or send in-game mail to Icemaayne-Akama.  Thanks everyone for your time!!

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We are still looking for some great and fun players! We also accept group packages of players that want to raid together and come along with us while we crush some mythic content!

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