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I was hoping to enlist some help with a Warlock I have in raid that has been under-performing of late. I am not the Warlock in question (I am the Raid Leader), but I have been given full permission to relay the performance logs and armory for anything you may see that we do not.


He is new to the class and the spec, has been following Icy Veins guide to Affliction to the best of his ability and doing really well with his DOT uptime. But the DPS just isn't there by the end of the fight and he's really wanting to improve up to the level of the rest of our raid.


Any help anyone could provide would be appreciated.


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thunderhorn/Nihilus/advanced


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/2YNCcmr3Gb6x8tK1#type=damage-done&fight=5



Sinestros (Raid Leader)

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Repost this in the "Help my DPS" thread, around here, if you don't mind.
And yeah, bring that warlock over here in person, if possiblewink.png

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I've PM'ed full answer.

Can repost it here, if somebody wants ~_~ but it belongs to DPS thread IMO




No real point to not posting it publicly. Anyone looking to step their game up a little can learn from a log that isn't their own. 


Also while the help my dps thread exist, it's not a crime to post this thread. 

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First and foremost, I need a very serious explaination of his talent choice.

He is using GoSac and DemServ both - they counter out eachother and GoSac alone is suboptimal at its best. Thats a lot of DPS.
Terrorguard alone is almost 20% of damage at this itemlevel, and he is just dropping it for a talent that has little of usage and wasting another talent slot of lvl100.

Next issue - buffs.
And things gettin' serious here. 
He has serious issues using burst pots. Only one every fight besides Kargath, where I assume he died and the CD was reset.
His DS usage is also ridiculous.
On the butcher fight he casted 1 DarkSoul in a fight 3 minutes long! A fight that is purely dps race!
Same is for Kargath, for Bracken and for the rest. 
He is not using his main DPS cooldown, essentially wasting it for nothing.

You've said that he is new and he is trying to follow IcyVeins guide.
But I don't remember any of his mistakes included in it. Especially his talent choice.wink.png

Learn him the prepot trick if he is not using it. It was a struggle for me when I started my game aswell.
His UI is probably bad aswell. Tell him to use ElvUI in conjunction with TellMeWhen, it will give him enough data.
And practice, practice and practice. LFRs, raid even if you've cleared, dummies - he needs it.

Hope that helps.
I would really like to spank his butt talk to this Warlock in person.
Good luck!

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