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I was hoping to enlist some help with a Rogue I have in raid that has been underperforming of late. I am not the Rogue in question (I am the Raid Leader), but I have been given full permission to relay the performance logs and armory for anything you may see that we do not.


He's been with the class since last expansion, has been using the correct rotation listed here on Icy Veins, but he's been frustrated that, geared up, the DPS just isn't there by the end of the fight. He uses mostly Assassination, but has been switching to Combat on fights that promote it - but seeking to do anything to help his dps in raid.


Any help anyone could provide would be appreciated.


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blades-edge/Shankdedu/advanced



Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/2YNCcmr3Gb6x8tK1#type=damage-done&fight=5


Sinestros (Raid Leader)

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I'm no expert, but from just looking at his armory I know that mastery is a bad stat for combat.. and I'm pretty sure it isn't the best for assassination either.  I would recommend either Warsong (haste) or Frostwolf (multistrike) if he is doing both specs.


From looking at his logs, his uptimes on his Revealing Strike and Slice and Dice were sub-par.  I noticed that 4 seconds into the fight he also double cast his revealing strike which is a pretty big dps loss, not only for clipping but also for a GCD and damage ability.  

The use of his cool downs, IE; Killing Spree and Adrenaline Rush were spread.  Using the Adrenaline Rush as soon as Killing Spree is completed will compound.  More casts=more dps. 

There was also an instance of Garrote in his rotation, which I presume was a misclick but that misclick will bring his dps down.


Also, make sure to prioritize Haste for combat because mastery is pretty terrible.  I know it's good for Assassination but maybe if you are going to dual spec, aim for items better suited for both with maybe multistrike as top priority?  Gor'Ashan's Lodestone Spike from UBRS is pretty nice this time of year! ;)  Assuming a Scales of Doom is unobtainable.

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