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addon spdt help

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Hey all, i just rolled my priest shadow. I downloaded this add-on called shadow priest dot timers but it does not seem to work. When I cast my dots there is no icon showing and I only keep seeing 3 yellow 0s.

Does anyone have any advise or if not, does anyone know a good alternative.


EDIT: solved, not really sure what the deal was but a reinstall did the trick. I do have to /reloadui every time I log in.

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It takes a little more work, but a great addon to use would be Weak Auras. You have to configure, or find an import string that you like that someone else has made, and setup the debuffs to track on target/focus, but rather than just watching dots, you can have it alert you to practically anything in game. I heal and I use it to track cooldowns and buffs and stacks, as well as SW:Pain. 


It wouldn't require a /reload every login, and once you get the hang of it and design it the way that you like and makes sense for you, you'll never leave garrison without it!

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