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WW and BrM BiS gear calulator

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Zagam provided the idea and frame work, I upgraded it, converted it for monks, added some bells, and made it end user friendly.


Trying to make it so that it also displays what boss each item dropps off of but Google is being funny right now and won't let me. Hope to get that working soon™.


Simple to use, enter your stat weights, look at the result. The second sheet has a lot of mechanical stuff that make it work but the end user doesn't need to worry about that.


If you use this PLEASE MAKE A COPY before editing your stat weights. Upper left hand corner>click "File">use the drop down to click "Make a Copy". 


I have protected it and made it so that you can't break it but you should still make a copy since you don't want other people changing your stat weights as you try to use it.



NOTE: Trinkets are not done on here, spreadsheet isn't the right format for trinkets. There are TWO rings listed as "BiS" this assumes you don't have the max quest ring. Quest ring > any drop ring. Ring 1 is the BiS, Ring 2 is the second-best that as long as you have the quest ring you can ignore.

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