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Assasination, DPS insights

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Here few things I can just say by looking quickly:


- not using glyph of Disappearance - 1 min on Vanish is big time, free Mutilates;

- Preparation pre 2nd Vanish - use it post 1st Vanish;

- Rupture lower than 99% - went down as low as 57%, gotta keep an eye on it. I suggest using the WA thread we have here to track your stuff;

- Your Envenom uptime is REALLY low - I'm not sure what are the standards, but down to 30% isn't acceptable.

- Use 2 Draenic pots - prepull and 2nd burst - usually 2 mins late in fight, when you have your CDs;

- Try to time a Vanish within Shadow Reflection window, to fit more skills in the period.


The pace of Asssassination is rather slow - take your time to learn things, and you'll succeed. Here are few basic pointers to be aware of:


Empowered Envenom gives you a damage boost window during Envenom. You wanna cast as much as you can in that window. For that, pool Energy before going into it, so you can use on Mutilate/Dispatch;


If you pool energy and dump it during Envenom, you'll end up with a lot of CPs - use that to clip Envenom with 1 or 2s left (depending on your latency) so you can extend the damage window duration. You won't be able to maintain it all time due to energy regen, but try as much as possible without wasting the CPs. This is basically the core of Assassination;


Pool at least 5 CP before using Vendetta/SR combo. Enhanced Vendetta gives you a 100% guaranteed crit on your next spell, so you can get a big number of it! Even better, if you get a Dispatch proc (blindside), you can hold it for a bit, Envenom, pop vendetta/SR macro and blam, Critted Dispatch hitting like a truck. Though this varies, ponder whether your Envenom or Dispatch hits harder, and use your free crit accordingly.

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