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Blackrock enchant BM

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I've been railed at for questioning this before, but with logs in hand - how do I justify using blackrock enchants?


So here's the thing - I've ran DW Blackrock/Blackrock - Blackrock/Bleeding hollow - Bleeding hollow/Crit one (forget the name).


Blackrock - flat out armor and DR

Bleeding - Mastery and stagger bonus

Crit - More Elusive brews.


With time to waste, I ran though HM Heroic a few times with logs (And I'm ashamed to admit my shuffle isn't 100%).


So.. it looks like Blackrock only proc's two to four times per boss fight (butcher having the most proc's). Average total is 4% of the fight.


Bleeding hollow though, on just one hand, proc'ed 32 times on avrg, for 46% up time for it's buff for a boss fight (same with crit buff).


Two kept it up for almost 82% of most fights.



With such a low return value, is it even worth running blackrock? With Bleeding/Crit I was able to keep mastery buff up avrg 46% and Elusive brew up 32% due to crit.


I wander if it's more viable to go Bleeding Hollow to X mastery then swap to Crit buffs. Or am I over thinking and the few proc's of Blackrock really worth it.


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Personally I've never seen the point of Blackrock, from beta to now it looked like a really useless enchant. The IDEA is nice,BA for 12 seconds is nice and all. But only procing when you are blow 50% HP and having a 40 second ICD (all the threads I found linking to the Blue Post saying it was a 40sec ICD result in a 404 error so I don't have a source on the ICD, but I have no reason to disbelieve it or think it has been changed since) just makes it rubbish.


Even at best case Blackrock only has a max uptime of 30% = average of 150 BA. 


This week across five Mythic boss kills I have an average uptime of my Mark of the Thunderlord of 53.65% = little north of 250 crit rating average. 


Making Blackrock even worse is knowing that if you're not taking damage, it is basically useless. Granted you will have a little more in-the-moment mitigation from Blackrock since it will only proc when you can make use of a mitigation proc, but Thunderlord will give you EB stacks for you to use anytime also so it sort of balances out as a wash there.


Looking at the other enchants I rule them out as well. 


Haste proc for a BrM is kind of shite really, random higher energy regen isn't a BAD thing - but it isn't very good either.


Multistrike is just shite for a BrM no matter what it is.


Mastery might be okay, but personally I try to avoid mastery procs for BrM since random extra mitigation is meh to me. Anything that adds in MORE RNG is a bad thing imo. Mastery *might* proc at a really good time, but more then likely it won't. So I skip it.


Bleeding Hollow was good when I had bad weapons and no mats, cheap and good damage proc. But I would never put it on a real weapon or use it as a "tanking" enchant since it does nothing for mitigation.  


Crit to me wins out. Extra DPS, extra EB stacks, high uptime since it can proc on procing and such.



I also DW as a BrM since I don't have a 685 2h yet, so this all might change if you use a 2h. But even if the proc uptime on Thunderlord halved (and it wouldn't be, off hand strikes a lot less them main hand since main hand is used for yellow hits and white hits where as OH only hits on white. So MH accounts for more procs then OH) and was all the way down at 25-30% uptime, a 25-30% uptime on crit seems a lot more useful then a base case uptime of 30% on a buff that will never reach it's max potential. 

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Hey thanks Locky - very well thought out. Glad I posted it here rather then WoW forums (which always loose their minds when I say it's worthless).


I think you're correct though - I switched over to a mastery build for Mythic but I've noticed my elusive brew proc's are far less (obviously). Mastery on a RNG proc does seem sort of silly now that I think about it (and read your post).


I think I'm sold on the crit idea until I get a 2h then I'll re-evaluate Blackrock's worth. While I won't have an emergency RNG proc of Blackrock, which has seemed worthless so far log wise, I can bank the elusive brews crit gives me for better control.


Going to run with my normal healers and logs tomorrow and see the results of this. No logical reason why it'll be anything but better - BM are damn solid tanks to began with - more elusive brews with a mastery build sounds to be best of both worlds.

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