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Druid IRC channel

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I made an IRC channel for druids here on Icy Veins who want to go chat or hang out. If you have questions or just want to talk head on over.

Server: irc.quakenet.org

Port: 6667


Main IV Channel: #icy-veins

Druid Channel: #moonglade

You can click here and enter a username to use the Quakenet Webclient. This will direct you to the channel, all you need to do is supply a username.


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Please help a noob out? How do I access your IRC channel? I have no clue but interested in checking it out.



Just look up any IRC client and access the correct server. Here is a list of free IRC clients you can download: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-7-free-irc-clients-windows-7/ (personally I use mIRC)


Or you can use the Quakenet web client for quick access: http://webchat.quakenet.org/

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Usually empty. If you leave a message and just leave the channel up, I answer when I get back. You just have to leave the channel up so you see it later =P

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