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Hello! Thankyou for reading! I started playing W.o.W at the end of M.o.P and at the start of W.o.D. I 90 boosted a mage, and it's been a bumpy road. I managed to understand the rotation, and generally found my place in W.o.W. Raiding really catches my eye. Anyways, So I LFR'd and now im on Norm, and im at 639. It's evident im not playing to my classes full potential, because, i can burst decently at the begining, but then my dps falls off to 13k. I blow my CD's and find my self in this rut of spaming frost bolt, until some CD pops up or I get a proc. By the end of the fight im getting chewed out because of my DPS. I need help, and I have invested too much in my toon to bail out! If anyone has any knowledge of the class, or help, tips, pointers, something, because I dont know what to do!

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You've come to the right place for help. there are alot of experienced players here wiling to help anyone in times of need.

That beiing said I would advise you to hop over to our Mage Discussion Forums with this problem.


When you ask for help there it might be useful to post a warcraftlog along with that.

Theres more info about logs to be found here.


Hope this helps.


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