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Auto mount makro.

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So I've been using this macro for quite a while now.

/run local f=AtH or CreateFrame("Frame","AtH") f:SetScript("OnEvent",function() CallCompanion(C_MountJournal.Summon(0)) end) f:RegisterEvent("LOOT_CLOSED")

What this does is whenever you pick up any loot it will auto-cast a random favourite mount. Works ideally for herbers, miners and any player who doesn't like to actually have to push the mount button every time you pick something up.


Besides sharing this with you I would also like to ask any makro-genius out there if it is possible to have a makro do this for me when I finish certain castbars. In particular I would love to have a makro auto mount me whenever I have used logging on a tree or survey on an archaeology digsite.




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