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Yet another WW hepl thread - Imperator Mar'gok

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Heya guys,


First of all, I'm curious - what kind of dps should a ww monk with not entirely optimal 664 gear actually do on this fight?


Basically main spec is BM, but as we generally always have three regular tanks, I am primary person to go dps. The only piece I have left on my ww gear that has BA is the cloak - and I have yet to get the leggings from Imperator.


I was struggling with really low uptime on Tiger Power - it's not at 100% but at least it is around the 90% number, and going from 50%-60% uptime that is a big improvement. Now I have been working on Fists of Fury as that one has been rough for me to get into my rotation, and while it's gotten better, it's probably more to gain from that as well. I have no idea what kind of uptime I should have on the brew, but it seems that on good runs I have around 40%.


On some fights I really lose focus (like the two previous to the one I am linking below) and/or mess up everything and my dps goes down the drain - this is to be expected. tongue.png


Tbh, the 22.1k dps I did on this particular attempt is an all-time high for me on the Imperator, for the most part I am around 18k-19k I can also add that I am not on small add duty, I kill ogres.


Logs from last attempt at Imperator: http://goo.gl/xUjjf4

My Armory: http://goo.gl/G4OVUj





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I can add that I use SEF on the adds throughout this fight, except for the reinforced add he spawns (third phase) as that needs to die faster. If our dps is generally good I've sometimes split then too. Which mob is better to put SEF on and which should I be on? There's quite a bit of movement in third phase and I'm unsure which one would be better.


Question though: Does SEF do damage even if you don't use any abilities? Like autoattack type of damage? Reason I ask is if I get fixated by the mages and have to move away, at times I won't be able to dps anything. Will having both spirits on each their mage do anything at all if I'm just standing still?

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Yes, SEF clones autoattack, and replicate any damage abilities you do, UNLESS you have a SEF clone on the same target you currently have selected...then the clone does nothing IF you are in melee range to that same target.

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