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I have been healing on my pally from the start of the Xpac, i have previouslly healing on all the classes except the pally, so i figured it was time to start. But i fell that i am not putting enough out. So any advice would be great.





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You doing all okay. Your raid kinda overgear for heroic, so i suppose sometimes there was nothing to heal for you(at least when you fight ogron). Also your disc-priest kinda kill your beacons, couse he spam clarity of will on tanks(wtf? O_O).


Some recomendations:

1)Pick sprint with 45sec cd as t1 talant, and clemency as t4 talant. First helps evade shield charge and other stuff, and clemency allow you to save some stupid ppl(who recive hit from shield charge and other stuff).

2)Use AW more often, 1.5 min cd its rly low. You coud press it when fight starts(ogron aoe, fire debuff starts at first 20 sec of fight, press AW and heal).

3)Shock on CD, you cast it ~60 times on Koragh, but you coud cast it ~90 times.

4)Beacon player who stack shield on Koragh and spam flash of light, after he end carging, swap beacon back to your tank.

5)Manapotions hello! Pick some, 40-60 for raid okay. Also you coud use int prepot(1k int for 25 sec) for fights, when you coud start heal immidiatly(butcher fight for example), it will boost your heal.

6)Dont cast judgement, usless spel for us. It not generate HP, but cost your GCD!!!

7)Always follow Holy Radiance cast with your buffed shock. You hit 100 targets with HR, but only 50 with buffed shock, shoud be almost same.

8)Cast your Eternal Flame every time you have 3 HP, dont wait 5 hp. EF hot yourself and tanks, or targets who recive lot of damage(for example butcher cleave soak-party)


Sry for english, probably lot of mistakes, but i suppose you get idea what to do =)

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