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Pet Battles were introduced in Mists of Pandaria, and have been widely recognized as an enjoyable addition to World of Warcraft. With just enough complexity to allow for some serious min/maxing, but an intuitive and accessible design, most everyone has enjoyed some amount of the fun feature. Here's a list of 10 pets to maximize your pet battling experience!


This list is unique in the sense that rather than pick the best pets for any one particular event or objective, we've tried to identify a range of pets across multiple families and goals to help you build a roster of 10 pets that will allow you to do just about everything that WoW's pet battle system has today.


(Hat tip to Kaeya of Mal'Ganis for her help with narrowing in on these pets!)


Without further ado - and in no particular order - here are the critters you want in your stable, and why:


Fastest Pet: Cheetah Cub - This guy is one of three pets tied for the fastest currently in the game, with a speed rating of 390. Out of the three, which include the Sapphire Cub and the Zergling, the Cheetah Cub is the easiest/most realistic for you to go acquire if you don't already have one.


Strongest Pet: Lil' Ragnaros - Nothing tastes quite like the miniature Flames of Sulfuron, which is probably why this Battle.net Store pet has the singular highest power rating (374) in the game. If that's important to you, you should boldly seek the power of a credit card and go get him.


Most Health: Pebble - Befitting of such a mountainous undertaking, you can return to the Stone Age of having to repetitiously complete daily quests for Pebble. Despite the palpable dislike for dailies here, Pebble is probably the easiest of the high health pets to acquire, and has a good balanced set of stats above and beyond his HP.


Best Combo: Pandaren Water Spirit + Chrominius - These two, you will have to work slightly harder for - but the payoff is phenomenal. You can set up an incredible combo using the Water Spirit's multiple-round attacks, having them land after you have applied Howl using Chrominius. Several other ways to achieve comparable combos exist, but this pairing is beefy, reliable, and acquirable.


Collector's Choice: Terrible Turnip - When you're trying to capture pets in the wild, nothing is quite as frustrating as accidentally killing that rare rarity wild pet because you couldn't quite get his health exactly where you needed it (this goes doubly for going back for low level pets!). Enter the Turnip, who will guarantee that you never actually kill his target using Weakening Blow. Any serious pet collector will need to either keep planting Turnips out at Halfhill Farm for themselves, or keep a watchful eye on the Auction House for this guy.


Dragon Type: Nether Faerie Dragon - What good is being able to collect miniature monsters if you can't have a cute-but-deadly dragon? Dragonkin and Undead are the two rarest families, and of the Dragonkin, this guy is one of the few (and the easiest to acquire) that has the rare Life Exchange ability (as well as a hugely viable Moonfire/Arcane Blast follow-up).


Undead Type: Unborn Val'kyr - Among the rarest pets on this list, the Unborn Val'kyr is a staple in a ton of pet battle guides due to its incredible list of abilities. The time you will spend tracking down and acquiring her will be rivaled only by the time you will spend using her to kick all sorts of butt with her.


Humanoid Type: Anubisath Idol - This popular old school raid drop has the hugely desirable Deflection spell, and the best list of additional abilities possible alongside it - plus, the perk of being a Humanoid (the alternative, the Flayer Youngling, just has a handful of mediocre damage spells). Running AQ40 a few times for this guy is worth it.


PvP Nominee: Fiendish Imp - One of the few pets with a forced opponent swap spell, which is ruinously good in PvP battles. Another reasonably easy-to-acquire Raiding With Leashes pet, he'll be a mainstay when you want to terrorize your friends or work on PvP achievements.


With those 10 pets on your team, you can build sets of three to handle pretty much every piece of pet battle content in the game today!


For further pet battle information, we recommend consulting WarcraftPets:

Pet Battle Basics

Pet Breeds

Pet Battle AddOns


Are there other pets you would strongly recommend, or pets on this list you don't think deserve their nods? Let us know in the comments.

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Xu-fu, cub of Xuen deserves to be mentioned as the unrivaled winner of cuteness pageant smile.png  He is probably the hardest to get, but once you do, you can just show off.


Edit: Pebble is not the only one with this much health. H/H Shimmershell Snail and Scooter the Snail have just as much. Elekk Plushie beats all of these by far, with 2537 HP, although apart from achievements, you will rarely have the plushie in your dream team.

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Xu-fu, cub of Xuen deserves to be mentioned as the unrivaled winner of cuteness pageant smile.png  He is probably the hardest to get, but once you do, you can just show off.


Edit: Pebble is not the only one with this much health. H/H Shimmershell Snail and Scooter the Snail have just as much. Elekk Plushie beats all of these by far, with 2537 HP, although apart from achievements, you will rarely have the plushie in your dream team.


As mentioned, Pebble is among the easiest and best balanced of the high health pets, not the only one. I debated mentioning that Elekk Plushie was excluded, but I figured most people would recognize that in a list targeted at being able to complete major pet battle content, the 'paperweight' pet would be excluded. :p

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Plushie can be surprisingly useful. Tons of health, magic passive means it will not take any gigantic hits and permanent 25% dodge will avoid lots of attacks. When I was fighting Taran Zhu, Plushie took most of the hits, while Zhu's team was decimated by DoTs from valkyr and crawling claw. Really a fantastic tank. Not to mention the cuteness smile.png

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We debated between Pebble, Shimmershell Snail, and Scooter - our final choice was Pebble because he had the better speed and power rating than the other two.  The purpose of this list was to find pets that would be useful to new players interested in pet battles and also create a list of pets that would be competitive for most players regardless of skill level.  


As far as the Elekk Plushie goes, he definitely wins the most health battle - but the reality is most players won't ever bother using the plushie because it has no actual attacks.  'Punching Bag' is probably a more appropriate term than 'paperweight' though because as simpetar mentions he is a "fantastic tank."  


Also, Xu-Fu should be an honorable mention on this list.  He didn't make the cut because there are two many ways to counter his attacks in both PvE and PvP pet battles - but he's definitely up there on my list!  If a section was added for best looking pet - he would win!

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For your choice  Best Combo: Pandaren Water Spirit + Chrominius  I would respectfully suggest to use Stitched Pup instead of Chrominius because he is undead and gets that extra attack. This is crucial in the daily garrison fight against Stitches Jr. For that fight you Haunt with the Unborn Val'kyr then Geyser/Whirlpool with Pandaren Water Spirit then swap to Stitched Pup to Howl and Flurry until you win!  :-)

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Mr. Bigglesworth is awesome!  I think he is a must have for anyone who decides to do the Celestial Tournament. 


I have not leveled my Stitched Pup... I will have to get on that! 

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I could not find any mechanical pet on the list. If this article is for players new to pet battles, there should be one: huge number of pets you will find while leveling will be beasts. I always recommend new players to bring Turnip (for capping), 1 mechanical (vs.beasts) and 1 beast (vs. plentiful critters: usually a bear, cat or zandalari reptile) into their first leveling team.


I would like to nominate Darkmoon Tonk, Lil' Bling, Warbot, Clockwork Gnome or Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. All of these are reasonably easy to obtain and nicely fullfil mechanical pet's duties. Dragonling is a bit special case, but they can be a real nightmare in PvP battles (and even more so if you have 3 of them in team).

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For your choice  Best Combo: Pandaren Water Spirit + Chrominius  I would respectfully suggest to use Stitched Pup instead of Chrominius because he is undead and gets that extra attack. This is crucial in the daily garrison fight against Stitches Jr. For that fight you Haunt with the Unborn Val'kyr then Geyser/Whirlpool with Pandaren Water Spirit then swap to Stitched Pup to Howl and Flurry until you win!  :-)


This is one of the very few instances where you might want the Stitched Pup over Chrominius. The Pup lacks Surge of Power which is integral to the Howl Bomb strat. Not to mention, in the battle against Stitches Jr., you'll probably find it easier to just Get Nether Fairie Dragon+Sprite Darter Hatchling and Life Exchange him a few times and then Arcane Blast him to smithereens.


A couple pets that should absolutely be on a top 10 list:


Emerald Proto-Whelp (P/P): No pet battler should be without this pet. The Anubisath Idol+Emerald Proto-Whelp pet combo can duo a very large amount of tamers, and it's very strong on its own. The best Dragonkin out there.


Darkmoon Zeppelin: Decoy and Explode. Not much else needs to be said.


Yellow Moth: Moths have the same moveset but the Yellow Moth is the only one that can be gotten in the desirable P/P flavor. The best Flying pet in the game.


Nexus Whelpling (P/P): Arcane Winds+Mana Surge will utterly decimate fliers. This one pet is the reason everyone now powerlevels new pets off the Jahar/Samm/Archemedes menagerie battle.

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You have mentioned some of the best pets but there are some notable pets you need to mention. The Fragment of Anger(undead) is one of the strongest pets out there. It primarily owns flying but i have seen it take out any number of pets.

The second pet to mention is the flying pet Ikky. He has black claw and like the Zandalarian pets he has an flying version of hunting party.

Iron Starlette is although worth mentioning. It is the strongest mechanical pet i my opinion and has the health to take a beating and dish out incredible amounts of damage.

Now that those pets are mention my battle combo on player fighting go Fragment of Anger, Cogblade Raptor and Anubisath Idol. With this combo i won 9 out of 10 pets battle on the pet battle week.

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      Find out what's happening in World of Warcraft during the week of November 21.
      Antorus the Burning Throne
      Antorus will open November 28. Mythic difficulty and the first LFR wing will be available starting December 5.
      Artifact Knowledge Level 53
      All players have access to AK level 53. Legion's max AK cap is 55. There's no reason to worry about catching up on Artifact traits or the Netherlight Crucible relic slots, because AP tokens from world quest and/or bosses will unlock all traits and Concordance of the Legionfall.
      Mythic Keystone Rewards & Affixes
      The ceiling on Mythic Keystone rewards will go up to 15 the week of December 5, when the Mythic difficulty of Antorus opens. If you do a Mythic Keystone 11-15 this week, that effort will be reflected in your weekly chest on December 5. More information can be found here.
      Bolstering Explosive Tyrannical Argus Weekly Quests
      Fuel of a Doomed World: Collect 50 Pristine Argunite from Invasion Points, Rare encounters, or treasure chests on Argus to receive 300 Veiled Argunite. Invasion Onslaught: Complete 3 Invasion Points to get 200 Veiled Argunite. Argus World Boss Occularus

      Occularus is this week's Greater Invasion Point world boss. The portal can be found in Antoran Wastes (55, 50). Don't forget to bring a Seal of Broken Fate for a bonus roll. All Argus world bosses drop ilvl 930 loot. Loot tables and Dungeon Journal entries can be found here. World Boss The Soultakers
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      Pilgrim's Bounty (Nov 20 - 27)
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      Pilgrim’s Bounty is a time to reflect upon one’s good fortune and share with all around you. What's new in 2017?
      Pilgrim's Bounty is back and there's only one update to the event this year.
      New in 2017
      Cosmetic Pilgrim's Bounty items can be transmogrified for the duration of the event. The change applies to all world events, not just this one. Below are screenshots of said items.

      Pilgrim's Attire, Pilgrim's Hat, Pilgrim's Boots

      Pilgrim's Dress

      Pilgrim's Robe
      For more details check out our Pilgrim's Bounty guide.