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World of Warcraft gear optimization site Ask Mr. Robot has announced visual aids to their popular combat logging tools. For users who have struggled to try and interpret the complex log data in the past, these simple tools let you see a number of useful performance metrics, including percentile comparisons to other raids/players, at a glance.


You can head over to the Ask Mr. Robot blog entry on combat infographics to get a preview of the tool, which is enabled for any logs uploaded on or after January 29 (evening). While it may not be as helpful for guilds now with Highmaul, it will allow people to compare their progress or strategies on Blackrock Foundry bosses to comparable guilds or raids easily.


Probably the best feature from the new infographics is the highly accessible Avoidable Damage mouseover, which lets you see what damage that does not hit a target by default was taken by your raid, and how your theoretically avoidable damage intake compares to other raids of similar gear levels. AMR posted this example screenshot from Heroic Twin Ogron:




In addition, Icy Veins will be bringing combat stats integration using Ask Mr. Robot data online very soon! Stay tuned for more information.


Will you or your guild be using these infographics? Considering logging now that you can break the logs down more efficiently and effectively? Let us know your thoughts.

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For casual guilds like mine this will be a REALLY useful tool.  No more excuses from players not having time etc.


And a real useful tool for raid leaders to visually point out things like uptime on adds, potion usage etc.


Looking forward to utilising this a lot!

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I still prefer the way Warcraft logs displays raw data over Ask Mr. Robot. it's much more helpful for me when I'm trying to look at my own logs, or analyze other DK's and find ways they can improve. but for a class that I have less advanced knowledge of, or for general analysis of the raid as a whole this will be an excellent tool.

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