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New to Enhance, what should my opener look like?

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I am currently in the process of switching from a Windwalker to an enhancement shaman. The spec is loads of fun, but my opener feels extremely clunky and about as un-optimal as can be. With so many CDs I am not sure how to line them up in the first few seconds of the fight to do the burst I know Enh. can do. What should the first few seconds of the fight look like as Enhancement? And how big should or burst be in relation to other classes. Any help is appreciated, I did peruse for some information on the topic but most of it seemed outdated.

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My opener usually goes like this (Using Ancestral Swiftness, Unleashed Fury and Liquid Magma)


4 seconds before pull: Fire Elemental

2 seconds before pull: Feral Spirits and pre-pot


On pull:

Liquid Magma and Spirit Walk to get into melee range faster

Unleash Elements



Continue with normal rotation


The reason you want to do a stormstrike before ascendance is because ascendance resets the CD of Stormstrike/Windstrike when used.


If you use Elemental Mastery as your 60 talent then use it before Unleash Elements to get the lower cooldown on it due to Flurry.

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this is my usual opener:


Prepot > Unleash Elements (while running to boss) > Spirit Wolf > Fire Elemental Totem > Liquid Magma > Stormstrike > Ascendance > Stormstrike > Lava Lash > Flame Shock > Unleash Elements ......


I dont start with Flame Shock as it might proc my trinket while im not yet on the boss. I make sure im on melee range before my trinket procs.


the order where UE priority changes depends on where you have the UE talent or not. if you got UE talent then that's your 2nd top priority after dropping your fire totem.


Correct me if im wrong

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One thing I would add to their advice is, 10 seconds before pull cast unleashed Elements. The buffs gained last 20-30 seconds so you will have them starting the fight and you will be able to use UE right after you start your rotation. 


10 seconds before pull (10 seconds is what my raid uses for pull timer )  UE

5seconds Spirit walk you will still have 10 seconds to get into boss plenty of time

3 Fire Elemental 

2 feral prepot

1 Elemental mastery if you have talent 

on pull 

(orc) racial blood fury

Liquid magna

Flame shock (if its not gonna ruin a trinket proc)





Normal rotation

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